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  1. I'm from Burlington and I get tattooed in Montreal; curious to know who added to your collection.
  2. I iced my elbow in a vain attempt to stop the swelling. It puffed up like a bitch before I even left the shop.
  3. "just finishing my second session on my quarter-sleeve guyz!" like...that is a palm size tattoo at that point.
  4. It feels unfair for me to judge because I find this style so aesthetically unappealing to begin with. But whenever I see giant pieces like the ones on Yann Black's site I just get bummed out because they're a total cock-block. I'm guessing he's probably going to lay down a lot of black silhouettes (like in those clouds). Meh.
  5. Second this; her hand poked stuff is absolutely bonkers.
  6. Gosh, tattoos of hands are my fuckin' fave. These praying hands by Bob Geets are really well rendered, I think. This guy's skill level for being an apprentice is pretty crazy.
  7. Very astute; this is one of many reasons I don't care for this particular style.
  8. Franz Stefanik cranked out my full stomach piece in about 3 hours. And I was so thankful, because I was perilously close to tapping out (I am a baby).
  9. I remember him saying he hadn't done a church before and I couldn't believe it. Also, I peeped your gallery; that Kim Anh girlie is so lovely! I'm still pissed I missed out on her guest spot last year at my regular shop. She does some of the prettiest ladies. - - - Updated - - - I remember Dennis being very meticulous (and quite stoic). But with great results; he does some really killer stuff. What are you getting done? - - - Updated - - - Thanks! I always enjoy coming up to your fair city to get tattooed.
  10. A few different guys; my "regular artist" (if you will) is Nick Oaks, and I have 5 pieces done by him (and filler upcoming). Also been tattooed by Franz Stefanik, Ron Wells, Dennis m del Prete, and a local guy in Vermont. The cobra, morning star, rats, reaper, and dagger are all Nick, the church is Ron Wells, the ponies are Franz Stefanik (one shot, might I add), and the eye of providence is Dennis m del Prete.
  11. Long time lurker (~3 years) here...thought I would finally bite the bullet and make an account. Just want to genuinely thank the members of this community for helping to shape my taste and appreciation for quality tattooing. I'm polishing off my right arm on Tuesday with some traditional filler fun and I could not be more excited! (Seriously, I would have some real duds at this point if I hadn't been exposed to this forum).
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