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  1. I've gotten back my paintings that didn't sell so if your still interested I can send you some pictures of a few of them. What kind of subject matter are you looking for, and what's your price range??

    Thank you,


  2. I'll definately work on that after this weekend and l'll also know what sold.

    Thank you,


  3. JoKno

    i hate my job.

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I've always been the man with the plan. I had a good job right out of high school, things were moving pretty good. I was making good money, bought a car, house, and was doing very well all by the age of 22. The only problem was that I hated my job. I worked at a hospital and I had an evil boss.(I know everybody thinks there boss is evil.) This lady really was. It finally got to the point that after I quit and the company investigated why I quit that they discovered that she was pure evil and fired her. Anyway, I started working in EMS. I love being an EMT. I love helping people and meeting people and everything about the job that I do. There is however a very dark side to my job. And now, I'm looking to get out. But I too don't exactly have a plan. As I am falling farther into debt because my job doesn't pay well, I begin wondering a lot about what I am going to do. I know how you are feeling. I know that things will work out for you and you will do great things. I have faith that I will work out my troubles as well. The best thing that I have done for motivation is when I'm sitting around doing nothing. I take a look around and say, "Fuck this, I didn't get this far to just let the world kick me in the butt." Then I get up and start studying, practicing, and just being productive.
  4. Your paintings a amazing. I know you're gonna be busy with your show for the next few days, but when you get a chance, could you give me a general pricing on your work. I would love to own some.

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  9. nautical star on hip
  10. JoKno

    peacock feather

    peacock feather
  11. JoKno

    pirate skull

    Franlin Ward design done by his apprentice Weylan
  12. JoKno


    David Bolt design
  13. quick tat from a convention in Atl
  14. JoKno


    work in progress sleeve by Doug Leeth
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