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  1. It is fairly easy to get there by Metro North. It is a $30 train ride from Grand Central, and then you can take a taxi to Beacon, or you can find a bus from Penn Station
  2. Hello All Last Sparrow Tattoo People, Thom is going to have an Art Show/Sale at Mike Rubendall's King's Ave Tattoo in Manhattan from January 11th-13th. At the show, you will be able to buy signed books, creative rubbings from Tattoo Stencils, and his art boxes. Besides Thom being there in person to talk about his art, Scott Harrison will be tattooing Saturday and Sunday. Thom has agreed to bring some of his stencils from back in the day, so if you want a deVita style tattoo, maybe you can get in with Scott, as this will be the closest you can get to the real thing. This will be a real speci
  3. Hey All, As of right now, there is no plan for another season of Tattoo Age. It would also be safe to say that their will be no DVD. With that being said, all of these suggestions sound amazing, but probably will not happen. Tattoo Age has no "staff", it was just myself and fellow producer Lauren Cynamon, who also shoots and edits, along with 2 editors Shan Huang and Abby Ellis. We all still work at Vice, and on a variety of projects. The Last Sparrow community has been so encouraging with the whole series, and even though I am not much of a poster, I wanted to say thank you. Chris Gr
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Chris, and I am not a spammer.
  5. I am all sold out of the Music and Sea Tattoo issue, but I still have some copies of the Red one(Tattoo Magic). They are $20 and that includes shipping.
  6. I still have several copies of the Blue(Music and Sea Tattoos) and the Red(Tattoo Magic) Tattoo Times for sale. All are in mint condition, and I can ship anywhere.
  7. I will be willing to ship to Norway, and it would be $12.00. Let me know
  8. PM me if you want any photos of the Tattoo Times for sale.
  9. I have several brand new red and blue Tattoo Times. I am asking $20 for Tattoo Magic and $25 for Music and Sea Tattoos shipped. I will also sell both for $40. The bindings are perfect.
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