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    Not the best... not the worst. Working to be my best, doing it daily. Its what i do.
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    Tattooing, Watercolour, Drinking coffee... and beer. Pretty much it.
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    Father & Tattoo maker
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  13. one more session to go.
  14. stencils or pencils??? The shop I'm at right now has a thermofax with a burnt out bulb. I've used them in the past, and they are a Godsend on busy days and definitely relieves the anxiety that comes with a line of people waiting for tattoos peering over ur shoulder the whole time. But being that the bulb is burnt out I've found some advantages penciling my stencil. Mostly approaching my stencil the same way i would my linework in skin creates a strong familiarity with my pattern, which helps me know how i'm going to want to pull my lines be fore i even sit down to do them. I feel like penciling my stencil has definitely improved my work, that being said i still love a thermofax.