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  1. LST is great! I am new to the game of commenting and reading everything but I am practicing and getting better, I think. But what you guys offer is knowledgable, unbiased and so cool. You have taken a stand in a time when people cyber bully and force their agenda on others. here you are just being real. We are happy to support you. Thanks for the good work. !!!!!!

  2. Wow, That was intense and I am thrilled to have been a clearing for you to speak. Communication gives life to creation. I encourage you to create the world you want to live in. I'm with ya. We'll keep takling and see what is next. I personally have no idea yet how to achieve the next step. I will live in this step for a moment and see what opens up for the steps ahead. Thank you for taking time out of your day say what you needed to say.....

  3. Totally happy to see the conversation continuing on. I am happy we all have opinions. I also think that we should band together and create something positive out of this negative. Any thoughts on what that looks like would be awesome. I don't think we should let the television industry set the standards for our industry. And I think to do something like that, would speak so much louder than any petition or boycott against something that none of us think should exist.