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  1. Skulls may or may not be symbolic depending on the person. Some people get skulls to represent the pain of death,some are gang related,some are just plain and simply to make a person look tougher(they usually do too!). Many more reasons as well. Skull tattoos are some of the most common tattoos that are done, with that being said a skull tattoo will have many varieties of meanings, it is impossible to categorize the meaning of the treasured skull tattoo.
  2. Nazara

    Demon - Malebolgia

    Travis Janow from the chopshop ink in crossville tennessee
  3. His name is travis, from the chopshop, in crossville tennessee. He has a fb page called chopshop ink.
  4. As far as tattoo wise? Once it is done I am not expanding to it. I just want to get it finished, I don't think at this time I am looking to expand. If you mean where I am going as far as afterlife? I hope heaven since it is just a fictional character lolololol. If you meant by where am I going to get this done, I am going to my local tattoo parlor. I hope one of those was the answer you was seeking lol.
  5. Not sure if this is the right area to post. But I couldn't find any other area suitable. I got a new outline done, when I build the cash I will go ahead and get the the shading and color done. It is a demon(malebolgia) ripping out of my skin, it will be rotting flesh looking. LIke a larva with a live host. I will post more pics when it is done. This is the representation of my angry side (not evil, I am moral) when I cant hold back emotions and feelings anymore and let it out. Here are two pics. The first picture of the outline finished, second was when it was almost finished it was a comparison picture of what I got my inspiration from.
  6. Nazara

    Hi there

    Nice to meet you, I am a newbie, I always have questions .
  7. I hope you enjoy your first tat to since you are a blank canvas you don't have to set in on one idea keep your ideas open and take the advice of more seasoned people in the field, I am also new and I always take the advice from my artist. His ideas always end up working better. Also be prepared for constructive criticism.
  8. I have a few tattoos, my cousin has allot, they all look so perfect, but the more I look the more I see minor imperfections, I call it personality. Nothing in this world is perfect, your skin may settle and it turnout ok for your standards i wouldn't sweat it.
  9. I attend the padmasambhava Buddhist center(vajrayana) way before my tattoo, however I got an Asian dragon tattoo, I feel a sense of protection from it now, dragons are riddled in all 3 wheels of buddhism.
  10. I know mine hurt allot. I would recommend drinking plenty of fluids before hands it defiantly hurt when mine hit the collar bone.
  11. My first one was painful, so don't know much about other areas. it was chest and shoulder blade area.
  12. I am a noob and all, but I do think these don't look that bad, I would stop at a reputable shop, you can conjure up ideas together. For my first tattoo that is what I did, My artist was great. I think things will run flush together with a little work with a reputable artist. Since they are close to the same area on both legs you could get a full cover up on both sides to conjoin when your legs are together maybe? In my opinion, I wouldn't do any laser treatment, you could definitely work with this. These are not bad looking, Believe me some of my friends "home fried" tattoos out here in the boonies of Tennessee are definitely worse. You haven't seen bad until you have seen some real rednecky stuff done around here. Good luck friend. If you want full cover ups I think it is more than possible.
  13. I want a demon ripping out of my arm clawing out. I think it will be awesome
  14. Maui, wow I have never been, But I have seen it in pics, it is so beautiful!
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