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    Josh, I tattoo in Tempe. I'll add more later
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    Tattoos, Jiu Jitsu
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    Ink Wuhzzard

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    Bob Roberts is taking appointments again. Thats the only dude I'd be trying to get in with.
  2. Hell Yeah! Your artist nailed it! Good one!
  3. I've been using PH martins for the majority of my paintings. The problems is I mostly like to paint Japanese imagery and the PH Martins are way too vibrant. I'll start with the outline and black shading, be perfectly happy until I lay that first color and it shines like a rainbow. That being said if you dont mind super vibrant color PH Martins are incredibly easy to work with and settle very evenly. However I recently started using FW Acrylics and I'm Much happier with the look. It's a bit more opaque, Doesnt blend as easy as watercolor and once it dries its no longer workable but the subtle colors are what I've been trying to achieve for years its a way more "traditional" look I guess. Plus they are lightfast where PH Martins are not. As far as Brushes go I've used tons and settled on Sable being maybe favorite. Alot of guys will tell you it doesnt matter but I can tell the difference. The Arches blocks are what I use about 90% of the time and I've been pretty happy with them. Cant tell much of a difference between that and the big loose sheets.
  4. Yeah man that Demon of Painting was super pricey. I have both those Kuniyoshi books in my shopping cart right now.
  5. I take that back. I have Demon of Painting by Timothy Clark, Thats why that name sounded familiar.
  6. Its supposed to be a full back. Just trying to find the right image and subject. Bart, Whats that book called, I might have it.
  7. I have that book but I'm not sure if this is in it. I'll look tonight.
  8. Damn, Thanks Bart. I knew the story of the heike crabs and figured in might tie in somehow.I didnt know how it related to this particular warrior print though. Really appreciate the info. I need to go Japan.
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