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  1. Sorry! No mods yet. 2008 Nightster. Loved riding this bike this summer. Would go riding every chance I got with a couple of buddies.
  2. Got it this past summer. First Harley. Not the color I would have chosen but it had 2400 miles on it and the guy was letting it go for cheap.
  3. I read on here not to re-wrap. I've also read on here to listen to the artist since they know what works best for them etc. My artist asked me to re-wrap both times. Had no issues and healed like a champ. YMMV.
  4. Pretty excited. Timothy Boor is going to guest spot at a shop near me. Was able to book him for a session. Going to have him start a half-sleeve on my right arm. I'm into black & gray - realism. Gave him some ideas, but also threw out the option to do something that he has been wanting to do. Could turn out pretty cool. Instagram
  5. Got some more work done to my half-sleeve. Near the elbow was a little sensitive and ended up scabbing a small bit. Surprised me since I didn't scab last time. Both times now, the only thing that bothered me were the damn bumps/pimples that show up from getting the area shaved. PIA.
  6. Took the advice of my artist and he pretty much reiterated what many of you stated here. I used aquaphor the first 3 days every 4 hours after a nice wash with an antibacterial soap. Followed this up with 5 days of using aveeno lotion. I didn't scab at all. Peeled a whole bunch about a week later for about 5 days. Healed great!
  7. I'm a software engineer. I often times have to give presentations to high ranking officials within the military on what my software does. I have decided to start with a half-sleeve. I think I will eventually like to move to a full-sleeve, but want to work my way to it. I look at it this way: as long as your shit is squared away, it shouldn't matter if you have tattoo's or not. Monday should be interesting since I often times wear polo shirts and jeans. My polo shirt won't cover the work I got done this weekend.
  8. Kapolani


    Just got my second tattoo last night. I got my first tattoo in '93 fresh out of boot camp. I had an idea for a tattoo concept I wanted, but took this long to do it. Was able to find a local artist that I believe is up and coming. Decided on going with a 1/2 sleeve. First phase - a tribute to my birthplace - Hawaii. I wanted to incorporate things that remind me of home. My family are Native Hawaiian's. Many of my childhood memories are deeply rooted in my culture. Had my first session last night. We did about 5 1/2 hours of solid work. King Kamehameha: First ruler to unite the Hawaiian Is
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