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  1. Holy shit. That looks so good. And so fast, well it seemed fast, ha. - - - Updated - - - I'm a shitty forum user. I find I only lurk the backpiece thread(s) with any kind of regularity. I should work on that. Anyways, latest sit after 2 months off for traveling and enjoying summer adventures. Started colour! Super pumped about that. Also, any sit above the waist is a good one. Have an appointment every month from now until December. Hoping to have it done then which would mean it took a year for everything shoulders to knees. Fingers crossed. Sorta off topic, but a guy was at the shop near the end of my sit. Heavily covered (only a patch bare on torso) and kinda shooting the shit. He asked if I was going to do my front. I replied with a fuck no (keep in mind, this is at the end of my sit, ha). He said finishing your back is kind of bittersweet and said he'd put money on it I do my front, ha. We shall see. I can't imagine being sad to be done. But I do plan to finish off my arms, legs, and front of thighs eventually.
  2. My sister snapped this photo of me today at the beach. So weird. Now I think I finally understand the whole never feeling naked thing, hah. And yes, all the sunblock reapplied non-stop, and I was only on my front for like 5mins while texting, hah. I feel like I need to justify the bare back in sun to you fine ladies. And no, it's obviously not done. Not even close. :'(
  3. Just to further pipe up on the whole all is brutal commentary. Finished shading my ass and right thigh on Saturday. Currently still dreading sitting, then standing, or going to the bathroom. Have fun!
  4. I totally have to make it into his shop. I have a short list, but he's up on it. And is it terrible I love that he's Canadian? Hope you continue to post up your progress. It's been nice to watch it progress. @Graeme
  5. Soo good, @Graeme!! I've yet to see something from Dave C that I haven't totally loved.
  6. I sure have some serious ass, but it didn't reinvented the wheel. The classic shoulders to knees layout is pretty unisex, I think.
  7. I don't get the whole dirty details bit. You go in, discuss a full backpiece, you work on said piece. Ass, inner thigh, whatever- so be it. You both sign up for it so you best be ready to commit. I absolutely hateeee sessions on my ass/inner thigh, but it's all worth it in the end. Or some enlightened shit like that.
  8. Oh for shit sakes. You are so right. I'm glad I've yet to utter those words out loud, ha.
  9. That's brutal. I may of booked all my appointments around any possibility of lining the two up. This kid is not that tough. How's the back going so far?
  10. I don't want to name the dude. But an artist I REALLY wanted a piece by for years was a total buzzkill. Guy tattoos in another country. Called his shop- nothing. Emailed a few times over 2 years- nothing. Met him at a convention, was super into the idea, down with my travel schedule and told me to email him. Went back and forth a little. I then see he's coming to a convention just a short flight away (about 6mths later) and since I didn't have an appt yet, I emailed (three times over 3 mths) asking for a slot. Nothing. Months pass, and just 4 days prior emails me a paypal invoice and appt details. What the f, man. I didn't book airfare or hotels. No travel plans were made. I email back saying not doable due to short notice and that was the last I heard of him. Total bummer.
  11. Had another sit on my back yesterday. Did the shading on the lower back and left ass cheek and thigh. Pretty much everything is shaded (I think?) besides my right ass cheek and thigh. Back is looking so full now. Healing is not so fun with all the Easter hustle. No fucks have been given regarding my athletic pants being worn in public all day. Getting really happy seeing it all coming together. Excited to see the shading all done in 5wks after our next session. Not so happy that we have to take a two month break this summer (June & July) due to travel and work commitments. But I'm sure it's for the best, as I can't imagine hiking and kayaking on the east coast to be good for healing fresh work.
  12. The two I have from Mario Desa were surprises, and I was over the moon in love with them both.
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