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    tattooing in Guatemala since 1998
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    Antigua Guatemala
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    Im a tattooer fron Antigua Guatemala, central America, i've been tattooing since '98, Tattooing in the middle of third world chaos, true. When i start to think about tattoos was in the beggining of the '90, wizards, winged dragons and tribals, thank u Mr Zuleta. So in that time i got my first home made scratch tattoo in my arm, in the kitchen friend house, in the time was only one shop for tattoos with only one tattooer working in that time, i got my second tattoo there, was maybe '93. So time after that i met this tattooer from canada James Collier who came with his partner Michael Elias, who was the guy who teach Uncle Allan, years later. Well when i was hang out with this guys i didnt thought about tattooing, was time before James gave me a machine, an old Mickey shapz. So years later they left and michael went to Daenmark and james back to canada. So i was here in my house with a tattoo machine... i can start to make a small ones i thought .. and indeed i made few on my friends, why buy pig meat if u have friends, lol. I rent a small apartment cause i wanted to move from my parents, and i used one room for the tattoo thing, then one day i leave the door open, and one day i have to open one room only for tattooing, next days i have to use the half of my apt for tattooing, we had a small tattoo shop there. Time later was the second expo tattoo in the city, guatemala. i met there Hiram Cordero from Costa Rica, who was the apprentice of Tony Morell MOra, a guy from panama who lives in Maryland area, jinks proof shop etc. I moved to costa rica in that time to learn more with Hiram Cordero, time there then came back to antigua guatemala, work few years more and i met Art Escobar in front of my shop, a guatemala guy who grow and raise in Maryland baltimore. we became friends and biz partners couple of times. In the last years i've been traveling to 7 countries in America and 6 countries in Europe, always tattooing. So this is the Hello and small resume who i am, a tattooer. SALUD!!!!
  2. Hey Luis!

    to bad i dident have money to come and see u in guatemala with Christoffer..

    hope we ca get around to it :)

    would love to see pictures of our stuff!

    cheers from Norway

  3. yep, I downloaded fro, Utube and my bro did a dvd compilation, i wished i could buy a original copy. Anyway, so inspired episodes and good soundtrack.
  4. Luis B Tattooer


    Nice!! Christopher told me your story, good luck man.