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  1. @robz @Russ, makes me wanna travel half way across the world to get some work done
  2. Love it man, looks amazing! Got any others mate?
  3. mitchb25


    You guys are exactly right, you don't wanna run out of room when you still have many years left of life haha. I'm all about tattoos that represent certain things about yourself and your experience. I'm currently starting a Celtic sleeve to represent the Irish in my blood. I love the old school designs too though, which I'm planning on getting my left arm done in that style. I'd love to see your tattoos guys!
  4. mitchb25


    Hey everyone I'm Mitch! I'm 19 years old and from Australia. I joined this forum to meet sick people that have the same amount of fascination as me and to see all the different tattoos that people have around the world  I currently have reasonably sized tattoos on my arms and thigh. The only reason I'm not covered from head to toe yet is because I'm not making enough money at the moment hahah  I'm planning on joining the army for a few years, so I have to be careful with my tattoo placement for now, but I'm hoping on making a career in the fire brigade after the army, so that gives me a
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