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  1. My intention wasn't to start a fight and I apologize if I've nicked a nerve. That said, being here from the beginning doesn't corner the market on knowledge or taste. I purposefully used cliches to drive home a point. There are certain things native to traditional american tattoos and some shops take these qualities and utilize them well to create super clean tattoos. Some not as much. Now you can throw around accusations that since I've made 12 posts I don't understand concepts applying to elite tattoo heads such as yourself but I am well aware American tattooing existed before Sailor Jerry,
  2. Bold will hold my friend. But you're probably right. They probably shouldn't use a lot of black either. Shaky lines will never really be my thing though.
  3. If your thing is traditional, this comment is almost laughable.
  4. So sorry to hear about your father. My suggestion would be an american traditional clipper ship with a banner that says "Homeward Bound". Your pops is taking a journey to that next place, thus the ship...and the ship is propelled by air/wind i.e the breathing. The artist can work in subtle things that are personal to you and your father without overcomplicating it. Thats my brainstorm anyway. I wish you the very best. - - - Updated - - - example:
  5. There is no quality control of the actual people reviewing. They may think they just received the best tattoo in the history of life and give it 5 stars....or, conversely, I spoke with some girl who was arguing that an artist I go to "left space without color" for a traditional tattoo. Uh, negative space. I guess she wanted it to look like a sticker and not a tattoo. But it was a fine example of something that was beautiful being reviewed poorly. She actually said the artist was lazy for not filling it all the way up to the line lmao
  6. Maybe an escalating piece starting on earth moving up into the heavens from wrist to shoulder.
  7. Maybe a cool version of a simple Matryoshka? Would work best for mother and daughter but the spin with a male 2nd might be cool
  8. So true. But it should be able to buy someone with good taste to advise. Or a small education in what makes a decent tattoo. A lot of them are lazy and put no effort into research. That's partly why there are so many awful tattoos out there.
  9. I just love how it says Betty. Nice old school name and ironically the name of my company. - - - Updated - - - Love that one. So simple. Nice placement to leave most of the top knuckles still visible.
  10. Eli Quinters Michelle Tarantelli Jason Ochoa
  11. Very cool little nom nom skate
  12. My only input would be to make sure this is something you've really thought about. To get a cyborg sleeve on kind of a whim seems impulsive. I know so many people who wish they could start over with their tattoos. You may think a cyborg sleeve looks cool now but will you think the same a couple years from now. The answer may be yes, I don't know. I would suggest first defining a style you are sure you will love and be happy with for a long time. American Traditional. Japanese. Realism. Black and grey vs color... Whatever it is. Especially if you plan to get more tattoos in the future. Just my
  13. Hey all. My name is Al and this site is incredible in so many ways. I love how there is a heavy emphasis on traditional here (my personal preference) but still respect for other types of work, Very rad community. I have 8 tattoos thus far. A couple by Eli Quinters at Smith Street, a couple by Michelle Tarantelli at Saved and one by Jason Ochoa at Greenpoint Tattoo. Love all three artists. Glad to be here.
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