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  1. Hey guys, So.. i'm working on a finishing a half sleeve. I know how i'm going to wrap this around my arm, but I have no clue how to continue/transition down my arm with it since it stops at such a dark/heavy line/border. Any ideas?
  2. I had a friend with this same concern. His tattoos seemed to have healed up fine, but it could just be a difference in skin/people/genetics, for all I know. Best of luck to you, regardless.
  3. 21 years old and the idea of doing anything related to these skateboarding videos terrifies me.
  4. I've started on Daredevil, but somehow ended up sidetracked rewatching Dexter for a third time. Maybe i'll make it past season 4 (the last season of Dexter that really counted.) Who knows.
  5. @Dan Oh my god. That face. The dogs, that is. Perfection haha
  6. Damn. Intense hail. Best of luck with insurance companies. I'm dreading it for you just thinking about it.
  7. Welcome to the forums. Semi-new, myself. Post back with updates in the coming days/weeks with updates? I'm interested to see how it turns out.
  8. Woah. Old post haha. I'm a big believer in individualization. I like/prefer when any/every piece is hand drawn (void words, etc)
  9. Part of me wants to jump in and automatically say that i'd find a new artist (not to say that I wouldn't) but that area of the body can be pretty hard to get used to tattooing from my understanding. My wife has two hand tattoos. Line work wasn't difficult for the artist to get down, but getting the color to stick was. But based off the line work and such alone for these, I would probably start searching around for a new artist, myself. I like the ideas, though.
  10. Hi. I'm Tyler. I'm 20 and I work in Information Technology for a healthcare company. I have two tattoos. "Believe" on my wrist, and a half sleeve in progress. Half sleeve pictures: imgur: the simple image sharer imgur: the simple image sharer imgur: the simple image sharer My main reason for searching out this thread/creating an account was for advice on how to A.) Finish wrapping the half sleeve around since the backside is blocked off as it is. And B.) How to possibly continue going down my arm for a three-quarter or even full sleeve in the future.
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