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  1. Hey Tyler, I like the work so far. Don;t let the blocked off areas stop you. You can easily have the darkside of the planets created to add more depth to the design and have different light sources as well. If you like my advise, think of different elements for the scene that represent your journey thru time and space in your life which best visualize you. Such as achievements, family, personal character, your strengths, etc. Hope this helps. Much respects and strength. =¡=
  2. Much Respects Too All! New to this Forum Site, Joined the site to get connected too the community again after a decade or more of being off the grid. I started inking back in 92' but stopped and started focusing on other aspects of art. Just started up again, but don;t have much work to show after have a flood and losing my life's work. So on that note Much respects and strength to all! An hope to connect with Inkheads.
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