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  1. Well i went to the jam and had a great time looks like i can get my tattoo lasered off quite quick as its faded alot you see the picture ive sent you is not a good likeness really. on the picture it shows it more clearer. but in the fleash its faded more so the nice lady sat me down and explained how it works and told me how not to go about lasering. ie, going to some little shops who have the hair removal machines and so on her machine is a ruby and she has another she said if i wanted to find a proper laser technicians. i can go on a web site called linten and that tells you all about the person who does the laser work and how much training they have had and how long they have been doing it. it was great. then i walked all around the artists stalls and looked in there portfolio books it was so amazing to see the differant stiles of work and you can see the differance to. i did see a couple that were tattooists and not artist. in my mind i see tattooists and artisted hope that makes sence well ill update later thanks phil
  2. yes i like it but for me i would like a smaller koi and a bit of background a bit of a story to it if you no what im on about thanks for the picture though. like it ;) - - - Updated - - - your so right with that cork this is what im trying to get to it may take some time to get there but ill keep you lot in the loop.going to the jam in the morning. i also wish to know about the best healing process for it being on my back it cant be wrapped like an arm as such so its another point ill be asking about tomorrow. ill be taking camera. im 48 and im like a kid waiting for santa. couldnt sleep last night thinking of where to start and how to remember all the stuff artists tell me. ive had an email from Blink laser people. im well pleased upto know as the lady said its good news already as my tattoo is 30 years old and the ink would of been differant in those days so it should fade wellwith one pass over it fingers crossed if i need it at all. ill be seeing a few artists first to see what they say first before i let the moths out of my wallet lol well great to see people helping me i sort of lost hope in people over the years and you lot have really helped. i just wish i could of gone to the jam with some one as it will look like im billy no mates tomorrow. thanks for all the feed back. phil :)
  3. thanks pidjones and others im going to the jam sat so i should get a good idea by the time ive got out of there. its hard to pick a tattoo to have after you have been toajam like this as it blows everything you think out of youmind and you sometimes end up thinking of all manner of things lol its a shame iwownt see any of you there at doncaster, even if i did see you we wouldnt know each other unless i wear something that sticks out lo. well ive not had much sleep again on the internet looking through artist work all night and i was woke up with my girlfriend saying happy birthday omg 48 never thought i would reach that age. thanks for the great welcome on here. when should i post on other threads now ive been a member for ages :Dcant wait to havea beer and watch artist work.
  4. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/member/17434-this-is-what-i-would-like.html&imageuser=51954 this is the type of art i would like to have in place of the other. with a little added to the top lrft shoulder. could this be done over the old one instead of laser first. with a tweek here and there.
  5. hi again ive been quoted £700 to remove all the black. so that would leave the green. is this a good price? thanks for your time.
  6. morning i have looked at laser treatment and for a 15cm x 15cm tattoo removed £800 so mine would be around £5000 well ill look for a cheaper place as i want to spend my money on a artist's work instead lol.
  7. yes koi like this but not with the man holding the fish a think a nice woman would be better
  8. irezumi Kintaro horimat
  9. thanks for the feed back. i will keep you up dated. one thing that is the problem for me. Is i have now got to 48 years old and i have seen lots of work done. the quality is mind blowing on some. i dont want a dragon now. i just dont see what i want any where. i would travel to the other side of the world if i could find the right artist. im only beggining to see whats out there. when i have it done it will be a world class piece. not just 3 sittings and done thankyou all for your help so far. i was very moved by what people said i thought i would of got laughed at. but i can see your all pro's on here thats what ive been trying to find. great to be on the right road.
  10. i tryed to post a picture i think it went to the gallery or mine lol thanks for the feed back. ive looked at a few things but i think as the tattoo is so big 46cm 50cm on my back and its black out line colour is green then ive been told i need laser treatment first before a cover up could be done well. - - - Updated - - -
  11. Hi there my name is phil im an ex government body guard and before that i was a stone mason.now i make fish replic's. well to cut a long story short i need help with an old tattoo i had done 30 years ago. i want to have it covered. so ive joined you on here to hopefully get some ideas on where to start. thanks for letting me in and thanks for your time. phil
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