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  1. We've recently opened. Use to be Saints and Sinners, now Artwerks. ArtWerks Nashville | Facebook
  2. We recently moved into a larger location and are now looking for a full time or guest artist. We can be found on facebook at Artwerks Nashville | Facebook, website coming soon. We're looking for someone laid back but professional. If interested please contact by email at artwerksstudio@gmail.com or call 615-891-3552 to speak with Louie. Portfolio and TN license required. We are also looking for a piercer, so if you know someone send them our way. Thanks!
  3. we have 4 people at the shop, and the play list depends on who got to the ipod first. It can be any where from Sinatra and Bing, to hardcore rap (very not PG), to old school rock, to techno/trip hop/dup step. Of all of these it's the dub step that kills me. One song is bearable, but hours of it makes my wanna put my head through the window.
  4. I have a problem with sitting still, even when not being jabbed. I fidget all the time and it only gets worse when i HAVE to be still. I have to use meditation tricks to keep myself for tattooing. When I got my calf done was the first time I experienced reaction muscle twitching, but it only seemed to happen in the area closer to the back. The guy who was doing the tattoo was a friend though so he pretty much pinned my foot and knee down and got to work, giving me small breaks to rest his hands and for me to flex my leg. We made it through the piece that way, but it was not fun.
  5. I have a small scar under my right eye from the time I thought it would be funny to rub my socked feet on the carpet and then sneak up behind the cat. Cats have reaally quick reactions.
  6. Made teriyaki crab "fried" rice the other night using that boil in a bag rice(because I am for some reason unable to properly make rice. Stoopid, I know, but I always manage to ruin it). added chopped veggie and quickly heated the crab meat in a bit of melted butter with garlic. It wasn't bad at all and only took 20mins.
  7. I'm a fan of both the color and the black and gray. I always wonder how the hyper realistic ones hold up over time though. I see a lot of photos of them fresh or still fairly new, not so many pics of them a few years after. These were done by Louie Lopez.
  8. I'm only slightly ashamed at the very heartfelt sigh the ice picture drew from me. It is now my firm belief that every girl deserves ice cream flowers.
  9. Swing by Saints and Sinners in Antioch and say hi if you have time. Antioch's about 20 minutes or so from Nashville. Saints & Sinners | Home Black 13 is also worth checking out.
  10. Man, I wish I had that "problem." I'd be so much more productive! I wonder if he still feels well rested the day after.
  11. I'm fairly certain I would have barfed and passed out weeellll before ever making it to my destination.
  12. I use to make sure I ate about an hour before, and then after I'd head out to find a med rare steak or burger. A few nights ago I got my first tattoo since going vegetarian. I did not get a steak or a burger and I was hella grumpy because of it. Not a happy camper. Now I have to find some other after tattoo ritual. Seeing as beer is so highly recommended, I think I will start with that and build from there. I've also felt that pain killers were cheating, like if you had the balls for a tattoo then you should have the balls for a tattoo. I've had one artist use numbing cream once during the work, but I didn't see that it made that much of a difference. When I get around to doing my ribs I'm pretty sure I'll cry like a sissy and probably cheat any way I can and screw what I thought before. We've had a couple of highly medicated people come in the shop and they made me uncomfortable. I'd hate to have a medical emergency on my hands if they misjudged their dosing.
  13. Summer's the busy season at most shops, so scheduling many be harder. I don't like getting tattooed in the summer as it means I can't go swimming, have to watch the sun exposure so other outdoor activities may be out, and the heat. The hotter it gets the more you sweat, which I think is icky with a new tattoo. Being hot always makes the soreness and itching more noticable to me. But that's all personal preference. Other people prefer summer because you can wear less or lighter clothing, which they like to do as their tattoo heals. So, get tattooed whenever you have the time, money and inclination! :)
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