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  1. Big Rupert

    Your Latest Tattoo Story

    Being that I am an engine builder and have blown up my fair share of them, I figured this one was appropriate lol.... Work done by BIG5
  2. Heres Mine.... Its a memorial tattoo for my grandpa we called him the buzzard. Was an electrician and taught judo for 60 years hence the "judo belt and electrical wires" Done by BIG5 @ Union Electric
  3. Big Rupert

    I think I am Lost....

    oh how does one setup there avatar?
  4. Big Rupert

    I think I am Lost....

    hahah yeah i know i am not lost I just wanted to say something a bit different then hello or hi Yes its quite a different name lol
  5. Big Rupert

    I think I am Lost....

    Not really but hello from SO Cal....