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  1. @GlaryMilberg Thank you! I rather like it!! You'll be fine in your sessions, I think it can be mind over matter a bit.. Take stuff to keep you occupied, music or iPad or book or whatever. It helped me keeping my brain focussed on something other than the pain :) I drank a lot of water, are chocolate & had ibuprofen on hand to keep swelling down - that was a lifesaver on days two & three!! Good luck! Post up some pics & updates :)
  2. Hi guys! Sorry I've been so slack & inactive lately! Work / study has been killing me! I do lurk from time to time however :P I flew to Auckland (another city within New Zealand) to catch Erin Chance while she was in the country & I took up all her free time here outside of the Tattoo Festival, because I'm greedy. We tattooed all day Thursday Friday Saturday, around 10hr days.. But I started & finished a full back piece.. Not including butt haha as said above ^^ I think it must finish about an inch or two lower than tailbone. Haven't decided whether I'll extend down further, prob
  3. You'll do fine :) I just did my back in three consecutive days, and although it was tough it is definitely doable. The way we did it, was to split up the areas being worked on so we didn't have to go over open skin on the second and third days, I would definitely recommend that approach as even getting close to previously worked on areas really really sucked. Stupid back of my ribs began to bruise up and working over them wasn't fun. Pretty much, just eat well, rest up beforehand, plenty of fluids, and some form of distraction is always helpful, willpower is the one thing you'll need. I put
  4. Hope you're doing okay!!! I focussed on my breathing in the tough bits, and tried to focus on the music playing.. I'm sure you're well versed, but it's definitely all about attitude! I'm sure you smashed your session! Enjoy the bruising and swelling that follows! :)
  5. Thanks to everyone for the awesome advice & encouragement! I am proud to say that my back piece is now finished!! Woohoo! Did my full back in three days! Here's a pic for those interested :) Artist: Erin Chance, Guest tattooing at: Sacred Tattoo, Auckland, New Zealand
  6. I'm sure yours is going well! Sending you vibes! I finished today, here's the final photo.. Hope it brings motivation! We did a final 9 hours today to finish up :) So happy! Full back in three days - boom!
  7. Day two finished! Here's a full progress pic! Erin Chance is the artist :)
  8. Best shot I could take myself.. Will get a full one soon :)
  9. Yeah haha ambitious, I know! But totally getting there! We are three hours into day two atm, and Erin is smashing it! She's got some pace on her for being so detail focussed! I'm feeling good, tomorrow will be a struggle I think, and last night toward the end my pain threshold was at zero.. But worth it!! :) More pics to come
  10. Thanks all! It's definitely a large undertaking! Currently into day two, about an hour in.. Here is a photo taken this morning of yesterday's progress.. Excuse the undies & the angle - my friend took this photo when I got out of the shower! Will add more as I can take them, working on upper back today so can be difficult to get good action shots via selfie!
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