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  1. Hi Mrs Sylvia, I just wanted to say nobody can point out where I called ursula a whore because it never happened, I never called her a whore, she fabricated lies from comments she made about my username which by the way is a typo error. She said - "Do you think it's appropriate to support the abuse and prostitution of women?" "Do you think it's o.k. the way many whores get treated by their pimps???" because my username is paulywhore. And in another thread about vacationing I made a joke referencing her comment about my name. Thats it. Now you know the truth, the defense rests.
  2. Hey man hows Utah treatin you? Its pretty cool that your on the road, sounds awesome to get to see america while doing tats along the way.
  3. Sorry Im public school edgimicated - - - Updated - - - But yeah I meant to say "Poll"
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na_Ge7qAVs8
  5. I always did like a big beaver tail, you can really get your hand it better, makes for a good grip.
  6. Well sir Mr Dan, and I mean that with respect, ur probably old enough to be my dad so you deserve respect just on the fact of your age alone. "What people are trying to tell me"? So your saying you are speaking for "the people" like a representative? ok Dan If you say so, I'm glad u feel u can represent the opinions of "the people". Dan I appreciate your highly articulate address on the subject I threw out on this thread, I clearly have a under developed grasp on reality, consciousness, political diverse groups and culture, and you are clearly light years ahead of me regarding those issues a
  7. for those of you who like to draw out there, what do you prefer wood or mechanical?
  8. This guy Hickok45 makes some pretty informative videos on arms. - - - Updated - - - Best .22 gun ever - - - - Updated - - - Heres for you 1911 guys
  9. Hey man at least you have sumthin to say, at least you have your talking points and your politically correct way of trying to make my thread look bad. Iv'e already affected change in this thread, I got u guys thinking, I got u guys talking, I got to see a taste of what some of you are all about, some people all they got to talk about is old ladies on a bus drinking beer, and pecker hunting? Lol. But yeah this is off to a great start. I realize this is a Tattoo forum and I also realize that all of the tattoos we get in life parallel our own lives, we get Mom hearts, daggers, animals, relig
  10. Yeah Homie I dont see Life, Consciousness, and the Country Im from or the World for that matter as "Random Crap". "Some people think life is but a joke" to quote a late famous artist. But hey you may be more interested in organizing posts on a website than you are in Life or real issues in Life, and thats cool, Own It! This thread is not about old ladies on a bus or organizing alphabetical letters or numerical ergonomics or Picking Fly shit out of Pepper. This thread is about Life, you know that thing you are living. I guess i gotta get deeper for some out there, the secret to life is t
  11. In this age of madison avenue brainwash and high flicker rate deception left is right and down is up, I mean hey they dang Pres got a nobel peace prize right after launching a war?, tsa grabs usa citizens privates to check for the boogie man?, al gore is a billionaire off of co2 which plants breath?, we hardly have any more constitutional rights left and do you care? What do you stand for? Maybe your Family? Your free speech? the right to protect yourself? your freedom of assembly? the right to travel? Or do you see those rights as privileges? Do you stand for the right to not have to p
  12. I recently ordered Robert's summer solstice print set about a month ago and haven't got the set yet, has anyone got theirs yet? I'm sure sum of u guys ordered it since most of you on here know what the good stuff is, I cant wait to get the set, I feel like a kid waiting for christmas, as soon as i get it im gunna pick one out and go down to a shop and get it tattooed.
  13. LoL yeah man it was a joke ya know haha, but I can tell u guys have a little biased club going on here, thats cool, but yeah I would suggest Cabo because I have heard great things about the point breaks down there, ive been surfing for 20+ years and I love point breaks, super long waves are fun no matter what size the surf or board u ride, u can even body board if u cant stand up and u will have just as much fun as the surfers, also the people that never surfed before can learn from others that know how, I am always willing to help anyone learn, I know its tough learning and I was lucky to lea
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