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  1. Should the manufacturing and sale of ink have some type of regulatory approval process based on some type of review standard at least?
  2. It shouldn't surprise anyone that people get judged for having tattoos.
  3. I wouldn't let such a new tattoo sit in the sun even if I got it done by late May.
  4. You know...I really hate that second week of healing. Seems like its extra itchy this winter for me. Maybe it's the dry air.
  5. Mind = blown No words to describe the power in this tattoo. Really iconic american traditional symbolism.
  6. Lucky you! Freaking winter weather got my skin so dry! For some reason my skin is not taking the gold color so well. Been a month and it's still dry and itchy.
  7. Sup?! What city are you from? I'm down here in Houston, Texas.
  8. 100% agree, tattoos really get better with age. It's like looking at vintage cars.
  9. Lol, you will be fine. Don't put too much ointment on it. Drier is better in my experience.
  10. Lovely traditional piece. Who is doing it? From Oz, I really like Adam kitamoto's work. How many hours you got on that thing?
  11. 5th night healing 4.5 hours on the 11th session of a back tattoo. Freaking butt cheeks itch so bad!
  12. Thanks! Yeabutton bad I'm not floss'in gold chains and 20" rims. But I do drive a Cadillac and I'm draped in a body suit. :)
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