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    Jason Talbot. Originally from Boston, Ma. Currently living and working in Richmond, Va.
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    Richmond, Va
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    coffee mugs.
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  1. jjfever5k

    gypsy head

    started this fun gypsy today
  2. rock of ages done on a friend's dad. late 40s/early 50s. i believe it was done at Dad Libertys' in Scolley Sq, Ma. i posted a couple of others in the "old tattoo photos" thread.
  3. i got the same one tattooed on me a couple of years ago and was stoked when i received these photos. amazing how long some images last.
  4. a friend's father started getting tattooed in 1949. he was the first guy i remember as a kid seeing tattoos on. he told me his first few were from Dad Libertys' in old Scolley Sq, Ma. i had my friend send me some photos. these are a few of my favorites. unfortunately they are small phone pics, but you can still tell what's going on.
  5. thanks guys! i've got a couple of photos up of tattoos and paintings on my profile page.
  6. jjfever5k

    hueys arm

    sailor jerry indian and rose/dagger that i drew.
  7. jjfever5k

    paint detail

    detail of a sheet i painted last month
  8. hello, i signed up for the forum a while ago but just started really digging through it recently. I live and tattoo in Richmond, Va. Forever interested in growing as a tattooer. Thanks for having me!
  9. most of my tattoos are from: grez matt brotka brian bruno i also have work by: josh brown erick lynch daniel santoro richard stell chad koeplinger jason brooks ben siebert jeff pageau danny reed coworkers: mike hale dustin davis zac vining adam marton skinny adam brandon saunders don sellers max wetzel oh yeah and a few souvenirs from non-tattooer friends and family
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