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    I'm a second generation tattooer, and have loved everything about it since I was a kid. Been tattooing professionally since 2002. Other than that I just like to kick back spending time time with my wife and kids, and do little bit of hunting and fishing.
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    North Carolina
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    Love to tattoo, hunt, fish, and occasionally turn wrenches
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  1. There are several great shops within a 40 mile radius of you, it just depends on the style of work you are wanting to get done
  2. I'm not sure what nickname he went by back then. It might have been rags or smiley. But his name was Henry also. He knew Dennis and Gail before they got Charlies place. I still have Charlie's obituary. My dad had one Charlie's brass machines.
  3. My dad tattooed in Baltimore in the 70's with Charlie Geizer. And my grandfather was Vinnie Myers barber before he passed away.
  4. Big Henry

    Hey ya'll

    Hello,my name is Henry. I currently work at Lady Dragon Tattoos in Fayetteville N.C. I'm always wanting to learn more and see what kind of work people from around the country are doing.
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