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  1. punkpin

    Cattle Brand

    great grandfathers cattle brand. Dad and I got these matching cattle brands done by Josh Cruse
  2. punkpin

    Snake and Dagger

    Snake and dagger done by Josh Woods
  3. punkpin

    Snake and Dagger

    Snake and dagger done by Josh Woods
  4. here are the pics of my first session with Jeff Ensminger. small cover on each shoulder given a whiteout after the line work was layed in. next session in a couple weeks
  5. punkpin

    Rapture backpiece

    first session on rapture backpiece by Jeff Ensminger. small cover up on each shoulder
  6. holy mother of ouch it sure looks painful. i would look into going to the doctor for some antibiotics or a steroid shot. definitely a reaction to something. cant be more help as to what but hopefully someone else here can chime in. looked like a great tattoo in the last picture, best of luck
  7. how big is what you have now and what are you wanting to do to cover it? maybe since you have already had a few laser treatments it could be gone over a few times in white ink to lighten it up a little further then cover it with what you want.
  8. you could always find an artist you like that does nice black and grey work and have them do a custom drawn version of that eagle, more dimension and depth to the bird might deter from the nazi comments your worried about
  9. woah pretty sure i got a tattoo from that guy years ago in Abilene
  10. nice design i like it , and agree with the others i dont think it looks like the nazi eagle. where are you planning on getting the piece done?
  11. Dennis does good work, i have a vulture that was done by him. didnt get anything from Juan or Duncan but have gotten work from other artist in there after they left. Have followed you on instagram for awhile (talked to you about framing awhile back) you do good work as well will have to get an appointment set up with you sometime
  12. yes that is artist at large, i have gotten quite a bit of work there over the years. Josh has done several pieces for me i just cant find the rest of my pictures at the moment. would be happy to stop by the shop and see you guys and show you my back as it gets going
  13. Ill be going to Jeff Ensminger at Resurrection Tattoo
  14. i have added a couple, need to update my pictures and will post more soon, thanks for the welcomes
  15. punkpin


    artwork by Greg Simkins (Craola) tattoo by Shaila Mayberry
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