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    Oslo-bred melting pot. Loves drawing and thunderstorms, terrified of clowns and hate smalltalk.
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    Tattoos and humans
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  1. I usually stay with family, so I'm in no way an expert...but if you stay anywhere near a 7 metro-line station, at least you can get there directly. The metro station nearest la Villette is on that line, it's "Porte de La Villette" (Watch out, though. A lot of really dingy hotels in Paris, as I'm sure you know...). Otherwise, Montmartre is a popular area, and not too far away from the convention. Just beware that you have to change metro lines. A little walk from Montmartre you can take metro line number 2 and change to line 7 at "Stalingrad", or number 4 and change at "Gare de l'Est". Hope this was helpful...
  2. @Flo Ania , I'll be going to Paris. Second time. Let me know if you wanna hook up at the convention, I'll be there every day. I'm booked on friday and sunday around at 12:00, and on saturday at 16:00 (with Paul Doblemann, Dan Gilsdorf and Jim Sylvia), otherwise I'm available, on peut prendre un verre and hang out? Also, I plan to see the exhibit at musée du quai branly on thursday (taking my aunt with me, haha), musée du quai Branly: Tatoueurs, tatoués , you should check it out. Je parle francais, so no worries about language barriers...
  3. @Iwar, yes, yes, I know... Thanks :)
  4. Thanks, @hogg, and good morning :) Yes, I heard rumours about a breakfast/brunch today? ;) That was so nice of you to drive all the way out to State of Grace yesterday, btw. Uuugggghhhhh, I'm so envious of you guys...
  5. Thank you! Exited to be here :)
  6. Haha! Ok, I'll get some help and come back stronger. :) Thanks again!
  7. Thanks :) My first tattoo was one of The White Rabbit, kind of spur of the moment thing. I wouldn't get this today, obviously, but I'm ok with this tattoo, it doesn't bother me. And it's on my lower leg, so it's not a very visible spot. Jeeezzz...How do I insert images in this thread? (I should know this!) Lol I'll be back with pictures once I get the hang of this. Sorry!!
  8. Hello, hello! Yes, so, I'm new at this...obviously. A little bit about me: I'm 33 years old, female, born and raised and living in Oslo, half norwegian and half japanese american, french speaking. I've been surrounded by art my entire life, I now work in a cemetery, and I love tattoos. I first wanted a tattoo when I was 16, waited 16 years to get started, so I got my first one in 2013. I'm fascinated by this culture, I hope to contribute constructively to the forum at some point, but first and foremost I'm here to learn. Was that to much information? ...I don't know how this works. :) Malika
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