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  1. I live in Hong Kong. But i am from singapore. I thought about tattooers. But I thought asking individuals on forum would be much faster and more original (correct me if i am wrong).
  2. Hi. Newbie here. I am thinking of getting a tattoo on my chest. But as a person with no artistic background, I would like to gather some design here. I don't know if i am infringing anything here, moderator, please let me know if I am crossing some lines. Anyway, I am a bit embarrassed about sharing this. But I learnt a big life lesson awhile ago and would like to get a tattoo symbol on my chest to remind myself of the lesson every morning. So here goes: All through my life, I have always been blaming everyone around me for my bad social life. I am always angry at others for provoking me and
  3. Anyway, this is my 10th required post. I am going to request for a tattoo design. hope it turns out well! I will update you guys soon :)
  4. HAHA. Or maybe i should say "not too cliche". And yea, I am intending to post a picture of it here (that is if I can find a good one) here to update everyone. :) Thanks
  5. well, since I cannot change the title of this thread, and this thread is already used for introductory purpose, I shall heel your advise and do it in another thread when I can finally post somewhere else.
  6. I was thinking of roughly 11 o'clock from my left nipple. Slightly 1 -2 inches up. Is it the same place we are talking about?
  7. Hey Rory, I am thinking of getting a tattoo designed to symbolize a tough lessons I learnt the hard way. It could be a symbolic object, or a meaningful logo. Something simplistic and not too "boyish" (e.g. dragons, swords, etc). The most important requirement is that it should be as big as a face of a watch, and should look good in the mirror because I am going to look at it every morning to remind me of the lesson. With that said, should I post my story over here? Or in some other section? Thank.
  8. Hi newbie here, I have never gotten a tattoo and am thinking of getting in the meatiest part of my chest. How is it going to be?
  9. there was a tattoo exhibition in Hong Kong, was he there?
  10. Hi everybody, I am a military personnel from Singapore. I have never gotten a tattoo before. However, I am looking to have one next month when I turn 25. I wanted to ask for suggestions here in this site and choose the best of all to get inked onto my chest. But I could only post that request in the "Tattoo Designs, Books and Flash" section, if I have been here for 3 days, and have submitted at least 10 posts. I guess I might as well start here. Anyway, regarding the post I was thinking of making, can I start it in "Tattoo Designs, Books and Flash", or is there a better section to do it? Tha
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