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    Natural redhead.
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    the seedy underbelly of society
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    lawyer, writer, troublemaker
  1. Marisa

    Black Work

    Check the work of my tattooist, Daniel DiMattia of
  2. Marisa

    Black Work

    You inspired my joining, Shawn. And of course this is a forum close to my heart.
  3. Marisa

    Black Work

    So cool to find my book quoted. Thanks, Petri. This thread is inspiring me to come up with an updated list of blackwork artists. There are so many brilliant tattooists in this genre but most are really located in Europe -- that is, those doing contemporary interpretations of indigenous tattooing or just taking an all black (not shading) approach. Ok, another thing for the To Do list. This is a thread after my own heart. PS: So happy to see mention of Xed's name (who is prominently featured in Black Tatto Art). Xed is a veteran of the dotwork/stippling school of blackwork. He's inspired generations in this style and is also a great person.