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  1. I can't edit my post for some reason! hope it's working now! if not here's instagram links... Instagram Instagram Instagram
  2. here's my sleeve in progress by Matt Difa (not healed yet)....I imagine not to many people's tastes here but thought I would share....still whole upper arm & backgrounds to be done (after some more lasering), prob less than halfway there but you can get the idea....
  3. This just covered up without laser? My tattoo previous to lasering had scarring where the guy obviously went too deep and this used to blow up when hit by sun or when I scrubbed the skin but randomly since having laser the scarring seems to have disappeared. I'm not sure if the laser breaks down the dermis so it can re-heal without scarring or what but actually pretty impressed with that. Hopefully all stays well when it's re-tattooed. Anyone else had a situation like that?
  4. I do agree with this, I would say that by doing that to the skin (I massaged it instead of vibration) it helps the lymphatic system to take away the broken particles of ink.
  5. I think if the new artist isn't encroaching on the old one's work then it doesn't matter, I think the etiquette thing only really comes in if you had an artist do a custom design and someone else finished it off.
  6. I'm pretty sure this one is real though.... LiveLeak.com - Removing tattoo with a grinder
  7. Yeah here you go, the pic on the left is before any lasering and on the right is after two sessions. I think that I'll need possibly another 4/5 sessions until it's light enough to cover.
  8. I think that if you lasered it you'd find the black would go fairly quickly but the green, blue & purple would take a while and possibly not go at all. You may be able to get it lightened enough for a cover up but probably will be fairly expensive. I'm having my upper arm lasered at the moment for a cover up, had two sessions so far...the black is going super fast but the red will be a few more sessions I reckon.
  9. possibly not to many people's taste round here but I'm a big fan of Davee Blows work.... Facebook
  10. gotta be this surely???.....(nsfw) Jay Read » Tattooing Bellend + Bolloks
  11. as pretty much said in this thread I noticed that most amazing tattooists are covered in ink that is nowhere near the quality that they put out themselves, whilst I know this is because they obviously got covered before they mastered their craft, it still makes me feel kinda guilty that I'm getting an amazing custom sleeve from scratch which I feel they deserve to have aswell. (Well the artist doing my arm now is actually getting his whole arm lasered for a nikko hurtado piece which doesn't make me feel too bad! ha.)
  12. I had my first bout of laser yesterday on my upper arm for a full sleeve cover-up in progress. The actual lasering wasn't as bad as I thought, today it's really hot so following Valerie's advice with the aloe gel which feels nice & cooling but soon absorbs! I can see already the black lines are breaking up and going but there's also a lot of red in it that looks no different, over the next few weeks how much more will this fade? I'm looking to go back in 6 weeks for the 2nd hit and the technician doing it has said that if my skin has taken it well then she will up the laser very slightly
  13. It's not my thing personally but I'm all for pushing the envelope with techniques, I guess it has it's place in tattooing. Understanding what Stewart says, I also think some of the 'new skool' stuff is really stunning and tattoos are obviously personal so if someone wants a star wars or streetfighter sleeve for example then that has a meaning to the person so why not have it look as shit hot as possible? I don't think then it is being done to be original/different. No they don't look like tattoos in the traditional sense but are valid all the same imo. I am a massive fan of both traditional
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