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  1. Oh yes, we are strung out on Branches. They are still getting their shit together as far as service, waitstaff, and consistency in the kitchen, but hell, their food is the best in town. One week I ate there 3 times. No joke. If you ever want to come up and try it I would love to go with you.

  2. Sorry Im responding weeks later.... I dont really get how messages work on LST and just noticed I had one! Do you know the name of the restaurant? And yes, anything that happens in Ukiah is super RANDOM! They call this area the Emerald Triangle... I thought that was due to the pot industry, now I think it's due to the weirdness... like the Bermuda Triangle!

  3. Hi honey! Glad to see you here!


  4. Noticed you are in Eureka and thought you might enjoy this photo... I freakin LOVE this tattoo. (It is not on me, btw.)


    Hopefully it's not set to "private"!

  5. OK, wait so is this thing like email or like a facebook wall. Im confused... AGAIN!

  6. Good to see you too Adrian! Its a nice place to connect that ISNT facebook! ;-)

  7. You too Adrian! Its a nice place to connect that ISNT facebook! ;-)

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