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  1. Hi guys, got this message when trying to click the link to the Dan D. interview from the home page...upper left hand box... vBulletin Message Gia Dobson, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. But...was able to view the video from the Blog section home page.
  2. Tattoos by Kdawg Facebook Tattoos by Dee Facebook I'm calling bullshit on this FB profile. My mind can't fathom the possibility that it is real.
  3. I'm going to say "ditto" to what Ursula said above and will add that I have gotten tattooed over stretch marks (from pregnancy) and it came out great... However I would double emphasize getting the tattoo from an experienced artist... Not only is it challenging because of the marks, but also it is a pain in the ass for the artist because that skin is more stretched (or stretchy) than skin that hasn't been slowly stretched to accommodate growing an 8 pound human being over a 40 week period... so it moves or "gives" a lot more and is just harder to tattoo on. It also depends on how big, deep and discolored the marks are. I would guess that marks from a growth spurt like you can sometimes get on the thigh or hip and easier to work on than the kind of loose skin and marks you see with people who lose a major amount of weight. An experienced artist will be able to tell you honestly what result is reasonable to expect. (Mine are the pregnancy kind and not too severe.) Im super happy to have the tattoo there because when I look in the mirror that is all I see.
  4. Im sure many people know about Post Secret but if not... Post Secret began as a community art project by Frank Warren whereby he asked strangers to write down a secret about themselves that they've never told anyone on a postcard and mail it to him. He displayed them at a show and then it morphed from there into a website and several books. The blog is now the largest ad-free blog on the web. The project has done more for suicide prevention and awareness than any other group in a long time. I went to one of their events last year and was very moved by Frank and his journey with this project that has turned into a global movement. Not all the secrets are dreary. Many are triumphant, funny, and uplifting as well. In the end they show people that they are not alone, no matter what they've been through and I think that is super cool. I try and remember to check out the new secrets posted on the blog each Sunday... this week had one that was tattoo related so I thought I'd mention it here... http://www.PostSecret.com I'll attach the postcard I mentioned as they change each week.
  5. My back is in progress and last session I realized that getting one's back tattooed is like getting your ribs done all over again. I foolishly thought going into it... "At least my ribs are done. Nothing could hurt that bad." If I'd given it an ounce more thought and considered the anatomy involved I might have realized that ribs wrap from front to back... fucking duh! I told Scott we will be finishing this thing in 30 minute increments. What a cry baby I've become in my old age.
  6. Very sweet. I hope we are breaking some stereotypes of tattooed people by being awesome parents. Not that it's my goal, but could be a nice byproduct.
  7. Wasn't sure where to post this... maybe a moderator can move it if it should be in another section... Some oldies we've all seen before but also a couple I had not seen... Ahhhh-mazingly bad... Enjoy!
  8. Barbie Gets Inked - Strollerderby Barbie Gets Inked Posted by Madeline Holler The West Virginia state lawmaker who wants to outlaw Barbie is going to lose his mind when he finds out about this: Barbie's got a tattoo! In fact, she has many -- and plenty of extra for the girls who play with her. Mattel will introduce "Totally Stylin' Tattoos" Barbie in its spring line. She comes with gobs of tattoos for herself, tattoos for the kids and also an accessory that seams to put many parents over the edge: A tattoo gun for ease of fake tattoo application. It's too much too soon, outraged parents are arguing. Barbie tats will no doubt be the gateway to out-of-control body alterations. Tattoo Barbie is selling pretty well, which must be a relief to Mattel, makers of the 50-year-old icon whose diminishing relevance is no small source of pain for the toy company. I don't think I'll be getting one of these for my daughters, but I'm not frothing at the mouth over the latest offering. First, tattoos are so commonplace -- even the frumpiest moms where I live sport some kind of ink on a visible patch of skin. And also: "Totally Stylin'"? Cringe! Even my 8-year-old daughter would totally scratch out air quotes when referencing that particular doll. Still, we like the idea of Mattel flailing its corporate arms just looking for some kind of edge -- any edge -- to ratchet up sales. We think Marty, commenting on a news site had a few good ideas: What's next? "Totally Pierced Barbie Girl" with piercing gun and simulated diamond studs for ears, nose, eyebrows, lips or belly button! She can even have her tongue pierced. Be sure to look for "Totally Huge Earlobes Ken", with stretchable earlobes to insert large rings and other jewelry! A gauging Ken doll! Oh, and that tattoo gun? Totally beats having to get out a wet washcloth every time the kid wants to pound skin.
  9. @ Shane- thank you for such a thoughtful and meaningful post. Loved it.
  10. I love praying hands! I have a traditional pair from Scott Sylvia on my forearm with a banner that says "Thank You" to remind me to be grateful for all that I have. I love what people come up with to make them a little different, unique, or more personal. Here's an example that my hubby just did on a kid who is a Harley mechanic. *Please forgive the bad cell phone pic. It's all I had.
  11. I also hate my tattoos being referred to as "work" ie: "nice work!" "I like your work." or "Where did you get your work done?" Less annoying but still bad is "ink". "Nice ink", "Where'd you get your ink?". I don't know why, those just bug. Calling a tattoo machine a "gun" = very annoying. I guess I do judge people by the lingo they use. I'm a jerk that way.
  12. I can't believe no one's mentioned being "tacked back" as in "fully tacked back". Is that too 80's or too prison yard a reference for this forum? Holy shit do I hate that one. Reminds me of a story... Scott Sylvia and several other tattooers have the same little quarter sized tattoo that is a flaming tack, like a thumb tack. I don't know who started it but I know that stencil ended up getting mailed from state to state so many ppl could have the exact same thing and therefore be "tacked back". Maybe Scott can elaborate on the story...
  13. RE: The photo... Im sure that person is oh so happy they shaved their entire leg for that. The middle letter (a "W" perhaps?) looks like a cat butt.
  14. Gia Dobson


    Learned a new word on urbandictionary.com today: BEARDO (noun) - def: A weirdo with a beard.
  15. My husband tattooed nipples on a guy's elbows so that when he crossed his arms it looked like he had saggy boobs. The customer thought it was the funniest goddamn thing he'd ever seen thought of or heard. He was sure it'd be a source of hilarity for years to come. Must find the photo.... hold please....
  16. I too find myself speechless... with a subtle combination of awe, horror, intrigue, and pure ENVY. Simply genius.
  17. Seriously dude, vent if you need to vent. You have to process that shit out of your psyche. I feel traumatized by the very small amount of footage I've watched in the after-math. I can only imagine what it is like to be there. I just remember how I felt after our incident on 9/11... not saying an act of terrorism is the same as a natural disaster, but I was so sad and overwhelmed by the death toll, injuries and overall devastation people were going through. Very sad indeed. My heart goes out to you.
  18. Excellent topic Jennifer. I think there are certain instances where this is acceptable... ie: the original artist passed away, moved out of the country, stopped tattooing, etc. I have 2 girlfriends who have unfinished work from an ex-boyfriend. In both cases they found new artists and were able (through mutual friends) to get word to the ex and ask permission for another artist to finish the tattoo. In both cases both original and new artist knew each other and all parties involved were cool with it before any tattooing began. It's a simple matter of respect and common courtesy in an awkward situation. What Jennifer is describing is something totally different, and is low down and dirty and no way to operate. The best defense is to continue to inform people through being a good example, doing the right thing, and through discussions like this one in shops and in open forums. (We have a grand opportunity here on this forum to educate people.) I think the customers who are artist hopping probably don't know any better. As for the snaking artist, I believe that all shady fuckers get what's coming to them sooner or later. Living well and sleeping with a clean conscience are the best revenge in my opinion.
  19. I think I should clarify... I DO NOT think she is chubby in this pic. What I LOVE is that she gave permission to publish an untouched photo of her real ass, cellulite and all, little rolls of back fat that we all have, imperfect skin, stretch marks, uneven tan, etc. All the things they usually Photoshop out of a bikini pic. Even that ever so tiny curve of her tummy on the left and the ever so tiny curve of her muffin top on the right would have been Photoshopped out. I just love the reality and the ballsyness of it since these are things that have a small potential to negatively impact her career. It is a "Fuck You" to the beauty industry's demand for perfection in my opinion.
  20. Holly Madison's awesome response to getting shit for gaining a few pounds... posing for bikini pics with no retouching... chub, cellulite, et all. I love her for this. How it's tattoo related.... the pic is a perfect shot of her post laser removal Playboy tattoo. Now it's just a bunny shaped scar on her lower back... Kinda symbolic if you ask me. Holly Madison Unretouched In A Bikini, Talking Weight Gain (PHOTO)
  21. OMFG! Just have to echo others and say holy crap that's a lot of bare arms and I can't get enough of people's explanations of the how and why of their knuckle tattoos. High-larious! Also, I would like to add that I feel it is CHEATING to use a finger for a whole word like "Mr." or "The". Truly hours of entertainment. Thanks for posting!
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