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  1. it looks plan to me, was wondering what i could do to spice it up?
  2. Zeon

    Hi there

    thats why i joined..to ask questions and see what everyone is doing and getting :D
  3. Zeon

    Hey Guys!

    he prob ment he bit the bullet and made an account xD
  4. thanks man, but i feel as if i need some kinda filler in it..it looks plain to me :O
  5. anyone got some insite on what i could do with my trible curse marks?
  6. my left arm (with the tribal marks) i dunno what i wanna add as filler...was thinking of doing some kinda skulls behind them or something?
  7. Hey im from mississippi, and iv gotten some quite a few tattoo's on my arms and one in the middle of my back. iv been looking through this site and have seen some interesting stuff.. and would like to beable to post stuff about my tattoo's because i wanna see what kinda filler i can add for my sleeves that im working on!
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