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  1. Thank you! :) Ok so I've attached 2 photos, the second taken with the flash so you can get an idea of the colour. I am going to add some black/grey leaves to cover the black shading around the roses. The tattoist ask if I wanted black shading and I said no, but he did it anyway and assured me it wouldn't be too dark. Now it just looks like a huge black dot with roses stuck on top :/ Sorry the pics are sideways, I couldn't rotate them for some reason.
  2. Hi so a little about me...! I'm a 29 year old mum of two, work in the health industry and was born and raised in Oz :) I have 4 tattoos (planning on many more!), with the 4th one being a bit of a cover up nightmare!! So I originally had a small red rose tattooed on my wrist with a couple of initials next to it, it didn't turn out exactly how I thought it would (tattoos hardly ever do, I know), it just looked dodgy and I'm pretty sure the tattoo artist was high on something (but that's another story entirely!). Anyway, 4 months ago I decided to get it covered with another rose design. I do like the design, but the problem is, I'm not happy with the red shading in the roses. It just looks like a big black and red blotch on my wrist. I know that it will probably lighten up over time, but I really don't see that happening for this one. I have been doing some research to see if there's any way I can possibly lighten the red to a much lighter shade, or even somehow re-colour it to make the roses grey/black. I did read it's possible to cover red ink with white ink, then do the black and grey. But no clear answers unfortunately. I am going to ask a tattoo artist asap but was just wondering if anyone has some answers for me?! Please tell me it is possible or am I stuck with this?! Happy to include a photo if anyone would like to have a look. Thanks guys :)