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  1. think ive already introduced myself but for some reason im being made to do it again, oh well haha. I work in Hickory, NC at Tattoo Laboratory ( currently looking for an artist and piercer fyi). I am coming up close on my 10yr anniversary. Macabre, new school, color work, and getting into horror realism.
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    Jay nicoli grimm
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    Jay nicoli grimm
  4. My name is jay I'm new to jackson ms. I work at house of pain tattoos. I've been tattooing close to 7years. Looking to meet some new people and expand my clientele here as this will be my home for at least the next few years anyhow. If you live close to the area and want a tattoo or just wanna stop in and say what's up message me for info or add my facebook art page: Nicoli Grimm Thanks for reading guys.
  5. Vheck out jeff Cribb at heroes tattoo in conway sc. I worked in myrtle bch for about a year - - - Updated - - - Its a hit or miss place with artists
  6. Ive had bad experiences with removal myself. Cause alot of scarring.
  7. I attached a few images of my work. Feel free to critic I always want to know where I can improve. Im 25yrs old and still new to the industry. Always looking to meet some new people.
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