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  1. I have a something I'd like to add yet ask as well. I've had my back done and I used tattoo goo with no problem healed wonderfully. I started a leg sleeve back in the fall of 2014, used A&D and had a TERRIBLE ingrown hair, next part of it, thought I used too much so I lessened it. Then went on to my next session and instead I used aquaphor and euccerin daily replenishing lotion, happened again but it wasn't as bad, I'm getting just a whole bunch of white heads.. I guess.. At the base of a hair follicle it's a white head/infected. I can't have this happen every time I get work done.
  2. I wanted to ask a similar question, I got my leg done about 3 weeks ago and I actually got a REALLY BAD ingrown hair which turned into a open sore. It's currently healing now but I have aspirations to finish my leg completely. Thanks
  3. Yea.. I meant that xD haha
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    I'm a new found collector of this year. I've browsed on LST a few times as a guest to help get some insight but I finally bit the bullet!