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  1. Welcome! You've got a cool collection there! Love Nagle :cool:
  2. This thread is so full of awesomeness, I can't even begin
  3. Face is a no-no from me too. Doubt I'll ever get hands done either. I love my tattoos and want more but I really appreciate being able to cover them up really easily. I'd never seen Juns work before this thread, impressive stuff but weird having to sign an NDA. I'd be interested in seeing some of his work healed, a year or two old and not meticulously lit like the ones on his Facebook page.
  4. That Stewart R one is the bees knees!
  5. Personally, I like getting pieces from different artists, if your chosen artists are good then they should be able to make the work flow alongside work from other artists. There's just so many good artists out there! Just in my city there's probably 5+ artists I'm hoping to get tattooed by, that's not including visiting tattooers.
  6. About my tattoos? My first was from Lizzie Renaud - a bird perched atop a skull - with the bird clutching a pen and a brush, a small wolf head (some of my more unkind friends refer to it as a rat) from Javier Rodriguez, a rose, again from Lizzie, a skull & snake combo from Aaron Hill and my most recent was a panther / rose combo from the excellent Brad Tompkins
  7. Hi guys, I have been infrequently lurking here for about 3 years now. I don't want to get too cheesy but this forum has really helped me grasp and differentiate between 'good' and 'not so good' tattoos. So thank you to all the posters / forum members for their insight. I got my first tattoo from an artist I read about on here about 3 years ago and I currently have 5 tattoos with a 6th coming later this year. I work in the 'creative industries' (yuck) so I appreciate and respect the art and craft of tattooing a great deal. So yeah, hi everyone.
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