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  1. Contact Dermatitis

    Hi... When I spoke about a "good brand" I ment that it's a brand known to care about the quality of it's products and the amount of heavy metals contained, according to a canadian (if I remember well) study. As an update of my second tattoo session... Yesterday i got some scratchy red dots around my elbow, quite far from the new ink that is in the arm. That area was particularly reddish after the tattoo session because the artist hold it strongly when he works. I'll check if I have some issue with the material of the gloves.
  2. Hi Nepok... I'm curious to know how did cure your tattoo.
  3. Contact Dermatitis

    Dear all. On saturday I had my second tattoo session, the first of two to complete the black background. This time, following my dermatologist's prescription, I start ingesting a cortisone based medicine 3 days before the tattoo session. I will follow up with this drug for 4 days after the session. It's curing quite well... The only reddish and itchy area is not where the ink is, but around the tattoo artist (latex) grip on my arm. I'll keep you updated. I guess that this experience could be usefull to whom experimented contact dermatitis before (as I did). Regards
  4. Contact Dermatitis

    haha... well... Like when you "refill" the dish a couple of times.
  5. Contact Dermatitis

    I had that contact dermatitis issue after eating a massive amount of codfish.
  6. Oh my... Considering that the black portion of tattoo is perfect, it looks like a fierce allergic reaction to red ink. I have found this: "Cinnabar (mercuric sulfide) used in red tattoo inks can lead to allergic reactions and scarring. Tsuruta et al. reported a case of a 40-year-old Japanese man with a red tattoo who developed a whole-body rash after eating 250 g of raw swordfish and alfonsino.19 In this case the mercuric tattoo pigments caused the initial sensitization to mercury in the patient, producing a delayed hypersensitivity reaction." Did you visit a doctor??? I had a contact dermatitis. After aprox 7 days, but it doesn't look like that. Still it could have been triggered by black ink. It was itchy. After 4 days of "Betametasona Loratadina" and antistaminics, it started to fade. All this allergic matter is really underestimated. If I’ll go trough other tattoo sessions I’ll surely ask for an ink patch test.
  7. Hi all from Argentina

    Zek's Site:
  8. Contact Dermatitis

    Hi Fala. He sed that are 10 years that he work with that pigment with no issue ever. He named the brand and it's atcually a good one. I think that something happened in my sister's place that triggered that reaction - I'm allergic quite a bunch of stuff. But I feel that I'm not allergic to the ink. Anyway I'll go to a contact dermatitis specialist to have a secondo opinion.
  9. Hi all from Argentina

    Hi Joe. Who did the line-work of my tattoo is Ezequiel, alias Zek, alias kotobuki tattoo... Is exactly the one you mention. Give me one hour and I'll post his facebook page link where you can see his recent works (I cannot do this at work) If I'm not wrong Zek had some tag-team work done with the other artist you mention.
  10. Contact Dermatitis

    Dear all. I found this discussion and it looks like it could help me with my problem. I got my first tattoo on Saturday the 18th of this month. The line-work for an irezumi style tattoo, involving my right arm and chest. The healing process was almost perfect. I stop using Bepanthen on Saturday (after 7 days) following the indication of the tattoo artist. On Sunday the 26th, when I was in my sister’s place, some red dots appeared near the elbow. In the night of Sunday the dots were spreading and growing, creating some big red areas. On Monday night all the tattooed surface was more or less involved with these red dots/red areas. I visited a dermatologist and she told me that it was clearly contact dermatitis triggered by the tattoo. She discourages me to have other session ever. The tattoo, in her opinion, should remain unfinished. She noticed that the problem was not with the black lines that seem not to be involved in this allergic reaction. The irritation was in the skin areas in-between the lines. (I have pics of that) I asked her if the problem was maybe not the ink, (lines are ok and in some areas are not involved at all) but some other allergenic (I’m sensitive and allergic to different stuff and I have sensitive skin) that triggered the reaction in an already stressed area (for the tattoo)… She said that it doesn’t matter. That anyway the body will have a memory of this problem, associating ink with dermatitis and new ink could trigger a much worse reaction. I started with antihistamine and cortisone based medicines and the problem is disappearing. I’m quite worried for this situation but I feel that the problem is not the ink and that I could possibly wait until the situation is ok and have other sessions, maybe after having some kind of “ink patch test”. Did you ever experience something similar?
  11. Hi all from Argentina

    He is a local argentinian artist that specialize in Irezumi. I can post some pictures of the line-work: I'm actually quite worried because after 8 days I developed a contact dermatitis and dermatologist discourage me to have more ink on my skin. I'm posting in the "after care" section.
  12. Hi all from Argentina

    Dear all. My name is Federico, I’m 40, Italian but living in Argentina. I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago. The line-work for a traditional Japanese style tattoo. I decided to join this forum because, searching in the net, I found an useful discussion that could really help me with a contact dermatitis problem I ran thought. I'll reply in that specific discussion. Chau! Federico