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    ever since I saw/heard my dads motley crue shout at the devil cassette tape ive wanted long hair, tattoos, leather jacket, and a motorcycle. Got all but the motorcycle.
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    middle of nowhere, Minnesota
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    reading and writing, music
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  1. yeah the reward of a tattoo at the end keeps me eating a salad and lifting weights when that big greasy pizza and couch look so damn good. gonna spend the winter planning my first big piece and once I'm down another 25lbs ill be where I wanna be and will get the big piece to celebrate.
  2. how does the tebori feel compared to the machine?
  3. I like learning about different superstitions but they don't affect me at all, though I wont listen to ACDC's Black Ice album when driving in the winter... the only way they impacted my tattoo choices is if I decided I like the idea and want to get it, like the four leaf clover with a 13 in the center of it on my right elbow. but I believe in balance, so when I hate myself enough to get another elbow tattoo, im gonna get a black cats head (probably the head of a panther cause they look cooler) snarling with a 7 in its mouth on my left elbow. as far as stepping on toes of other cultures, if it could get my butt kicked, I wont get it. so no somoan pe'a tattoos for me.
  4. a hummingbird kind of fits for robin Williams. the way the hummingbird is always zooming around, all that energy, like Williams in an interview or onstage
  5. growing up they always said I could have as many I wanted as long as I wasn't living in there house. when I graduated they moved to Minnesota and I stayed behind in NY. I didn't tell them when I got my first one, a Motorhead Snaggletooth on my left bicep, saved it as a surprise for when I flew out to see them. They just laughed and my mom called me a fool, but I listened to there rules so it was okay. My dad doesn't care much, as long as no face tattoos or those Nazi skinhead prison types. My mom still laughs and calls me a fool but then asks to see what I got. She actually liked my last one so there's some improvement.
  6. got this one Halloween. A reward for losing 40 pounds. Kind of a spur of the moment thing. I had a couple ideas and really wanted to get one, but couldn't decide on one of the ideas I had, walked around for a couple hours while searching the internet for ideas and other designs, finally picked this one and walked in before I could change my mind. really happy with it. the first one that my mother actually liked, kinda, she still hates tattoos.
  7. So I've been lurking for a couple months while trying to decided on my fourth tattoo and ideas for future ones. Read some good things, saw some good things so I thought I'd make an account. Just got this one on Halloween, my fourth one. My reward for losing 40 pounds. Also got a Snaggletooth on left bicep with born to lose above, live to win below, a white trash gorilla to the right of that, and a spiderweb/4 leaf clover band around my right elbow, a spider and wrapped up guy in the webbing. Gonna spend the winter planning out a Japanese sleeve for my upper right arm/shoulder/maybe down onto my chest. Got some books coming tomorrow to help with that, Bushido and Tattoos of the Floating World by Takahiro Kitamura, and The Japanese Tattoo by Sandi Fellman. Any other books that might be worth looking up or good posts around here I might have missed, or good websites? In the meantime looking for an idea for my outside forearm. Wanna get the big areas of my left arm before I start filling in with smaller ones but I have a hundred smaller ideas and am lost as far as bigger pieces.
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    Paulie at Ritual Addictions Watertown, SD
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