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  1. Sykes101211

    Hello, just had my first tattoo and looking for advice.

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I like the ideas of stuff to get added to it, I don't think I had really considered that being freaked out about it but i must admit at the moment the thought of making it bigger doesn't thrill me. I know I'm not happy with it it's been noted I'm constantly pulling my sleeve down to cover it, oh well it's freezing here anyway so I think I will probably just leave it be for now and get used to it being there then decide what to do. Thanks again everyone you've been really helpful and I feel much better about it now than I did! X
  2. Sykes101211

    Hello, just had my first tattoo and looking for advice.

    PinkUnicorn I think your completly right, I do need to find someone who will work with my ideas and not just copy the pictures. We have a tattoo artist called aurora near where I live she has a brilliant reputation and about an 8 month waiting list! Marley mission, so you don't think this will end up on the worst tattoo forum? It may grow on me as it heals I did only get the changes done yesterday! It has totally not put me off getting anymore They will just be better thought out!
  3. Hi everyone Im from the UK, North West of England mum of an almost 3 year old and very new to the tattoo world, always loved and admired the art of tattoing and for me the clean simple designs were always the ones I would like to get myself so I took the plunge and have just had my first tattoo, it was a design I loved but I was getting really fed up with people constantly asking what it was (apparently "a tattoo" wasn't and acceptable answer) and so I made some changes to make it a bit more meaningful. These changes I designed myself and thought they looked great however in reality it's just made my simple design look a bit of a mess and I'm not entirely happy. Now I know I made a few tattoo rookie errors 1. Copying a design I saw on the Internet and loved. 2. Actually caring what people thought (after all a tattoo should be for yourself) 3. Not really thinking through the initial design and making it meaningful in the first place. 3. Changing it with something I designed myself. I didn't really have much input from my tattooist over what would work and what wouldn't so was just flying blind and didn't really know what to expect, I know my mistakes and I won't make them again (I will get another tattoo eventually) so now I really need some help from people who know what they are talking about on how to fix it, do I just go for removal or can anyone suggest anything that would do a half decent cover up? Any help/advice/comments would be greatly appreciated...I am kinda freaking out a bit, It looks like I've been scribbled on! (Pictures attached) Thank you!