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    I am an inspiring tattoo artist. My passion for drawing has been in my finger tips since before i could talk. My first drawing was of elephants i drew on the walls of by brothers room, with my moms red lipstick. She sweres i did this when i was 1. We never found any thing that could clean it off. It was there my whole child hood. Kind of like a reminder, "just because you dont remember it, dosnt mean it didnt happen". I stopped drawing every day, for a few yrs; when i dove into musical insterments while living out of my back pack and traveling for 8yrs. When i finally started to settle down with my sweetheart, we ran to Las Vegas, for the adventure... while in vegas, i picked the pen back up and began to put a portfolio together. During my search for an apprenticeship i was diagnosed, with a rare ovarian cancer. Then immediately began treatments. Now 2 yrs after my firts treatment, i am finally felling focus and creation, running into my fingetips.
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    sleeping in grave yards,marijuana,hiking w/dogs&Anarchy
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    Giving back to the universe!

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