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  1. :o Beautiful work. I really love the composition and placement! I know I can handle the social stigma, face tattoos bring. Im just not sure about the toxic levels of the glowing ink... Im starting to become more comfortable with the idea of simple fine black lace along my hair line and inking my skull. I have an amazing pain tolerance. Id like to believe Im a dream canvas for an artist. - - - Updated - - - Nice, you really found yourself an amazing artist!!
  2. good point, but in his mind at least in this point of his life, hes a fucken bad ass with some sick ink...
  3. Really, as a personal opinion, I'd rather not have words on me... when I travel, I want people to see my ink and think that's amazing not what do dose that say, not, I didn't know you speak English. I guess I enjoy the mystery of getting to know people and when you travel the world, you never really know where youre going to end up.... And in reality a good tattoo with out any words can show where your culture is from, but id rather use imagery, its speaks every language. but, a good example of how cultures use the same word only spelt differently in America "Blood & Honor" in Brit
  4. for the longest, ive wanted to tattoo my skull. starting from the 6th vertebrae up to the top of my frontal lobe and possibly just past my hair line. I have seen some video of cranium tats, seems they cause all kinds of issues during to the inking... I would like to hear artist experiences applying the ink and canvas experience during the healing, dose the hair growth affect the healing....
  5. insulting is not my intention, that is what you're insinuating. Personally, I would hope people are more open minded to points of view... as I am not here to restructure anyone, just looking for in-depth conversations. :cool:
  6. obviously, you are not a well cultured person.... I will say this one last time and if you still don't under stand then what ever, I cant make you see my point of view with words... different reigns have different meanings for words and different spellings, it dosnt matter if you are using an English style alphabet. the way the words are used and spelt can tell you where a person is from.... I can see how you might get confused with religion as that has broke the language border with age kind of figured some one who has been tattooing for 9 yrs would be able to see that, but im not here to
  7. ShyGypsy


    how many hours and sessions did this take?
  8. true, but these are all English cultures youre describing, and yes their can still be issues, which most people don't care to talk about, its just a life style. just a personal perspective... really I agree with expressing emotion/creative energy, visually; It can speak every language. - - - Updated - - - really what gives away the region are the words used. different cultures have different spellings and meanings for words commonly used in American English
  9. a lot of cultures, do not like the US.... Canada and Mexico are way more acceptable to the rest of the world... so depending on the language used in a the quoted text, it really shows what part of the world you are from. - - - Updated - - - so its really a culture discrimination
  10. I really think some people simply lack the creative vision,... Then some have such an extensive imagination they want to hear where other peoples imaginations go with the quoted text... or it could just be the love for type of text... beauty is in the eye of the beholder - - - Updated - - - personally, I prefer no text, less chance for racial discrimination. especially if you enjoy traveling, really traveling
  11. Quote of the day

    Celebrate what comes before me, with what I have now!

    Leo Zulueta

  12. Just before i was diagnosed with cancer, i wanted to tattoo an elephant skull on my face. Now almost 4yrs later, Ive been contemplating glow in the dark or black light ink. Because i like the idea of blending in :cool: but, I hear it will show up as scaring in a summers tan.
  13. 7yrs....Whats your favorite pice youve placed on a collector?
  14. Not much you can do here... looks like the artist didnt take the proper time laying the stencil.. better luck next time!
  15. Originally, this post was going to be about tattooing the area where my skull meets spine. Then realized that didnt really talk about who i am as an artist... as for editing my post, im having a difficult time using this sight on my tablet.
  16. Well done piece! im glade youre going for more ink else where!
  17. I personally wouldn't mind a tattoo extending just past my hair line. I know for sure I will be getting a personal piece on the side of my head and possibly on the back of my neck and lower skull region. I just need to find the right artist to do.
  18. thank you for the link. I hope this some better info about myself
  19. Personally i love the steampuk designs. I would design some clock gears. And add some little birds or bones .maybe a broken hour glass. Who ever worked on it left it open and the lines are thin , should be easy to cover. - - - Updated - - - How about a paisley key
  20. I love you sick twist on life :cool: Are these healed pieces?
  21. 26 with lots of potential! The only tattoo i have is the one i gave myself, on my forearm, three yrs ago. I really wanted to see how it feels and how it heals, turned out not to bad.(please dont give me scratcher poop, i am ocd when it come to a clean room) I should have took the time in finding a professional, but i had fun and i love it. I spend most of my time tattooing fruit. I really want to start on pig legs from the butcher. Im currently building my flash portfolio, in search for the right apprenticeship. Ive only been able to apply a few hrs a week but Im hopping to have it comple
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