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  1. I have a fairly high tolerance to pain meds, the muscle relaxant I take all the time for migranes if they come on, Ive taken the vicodin (marked 60mg on the foil) for a bad toothache before, and bought them if I get into a motorbike wreck. I know the difference between abusing and using meds as medicine.
  2. following on what I read, I dropped a 60mg vicodin, 5mg valium and a muscle relaxant called norgesic.........I went through 2 1/2 hours fine (all gain no pain) and as the meds wore off, the pain kicked in with a vengeance, like there was nothing left........but when I stood up for a break, I felt high like a kite. I took another 1/2 vicodin, but no help. At first I thought I was going to walk away easy but no, not today. The last 1 hour 45 minutes was sore like when I got the outline done. The positives: pain from level 10 down to 3 or 4 less flinching, no butt puckering / colon clenching, ab workout, no sweating. The bad: nausea and unwanted dope high ( I had enough of that when I was a kid to age 25). I have 3+ hours left to go after 10 days and I am going back to talk to the guy to split it up into 2 sessions, and I will repeat the dosage. my recommendation for vicodin use: take a laxative or you will shit hard rocks the next day. crazy cost of the meds? in South East Asia, OTC cost me 1 vicodin $1, valium 10mg for 7 cents, muscle relaxant 10 cents.........vicodin and valium came from Cambodia. I remember seeing an older guy in Cambodia high like a kite on pills, next 2 years I go back and he is doing the same thing, I call him "Mr. Happy"
  3. Thanks @SeeSea The sak muh tattoo does not hurt as bad as a machine tattoo, it hurts, but not bad. I had a reprieve yesterday when I called in my appointment for session 2 of the back tattoo.
  4. me too........... lower back above the belt line in the "love handles" area and sides near the stomach.......... intense burning for me = butt puckering and colon clenching
  5. I am going in tomorrow for session 2 of my back piece, I'll tell the artist to not fill in the eyes, I have to tell him in Thai, I'll say "fish carp make eye when tattoo finished...same fish birthday" (literal translation)
  6. I have the Gao Yord "sak muh = tattoo by hand" or sak yant tattoo, it is to ward off all dangers and have protection from weapons (guns and knives). I will be writing later about the koi back piece I am getting later, it has cultural significance stuff like @ironchef mentioned.
  7. Thanks for the good info on this forum :p So far I have 2 sak muh (sak yant) temple tattoos and I am getting a back tattoo right now............
  8. I went for my first sak yant tattoo in Chonburi Pattaya Thailand about 9 years ago, I had a small good luck tattoo done on my wrist similar to this: this is from the "home temple" of the Ajarn or teacher A couple of years later I went to a temple in Udonthani Thailand for a Gao Yord tattoo, cost me 99 baht or $3 and some required donations, I added 1000 baht or $33 donation to the temple, I had to "push the offerings on a plate towards the monk" as he could not accept money by hand. I am currently getting a full back tattoo at a local shop here, thats why I joined this forum to get info about pain medication. I have a stash of vicodin and valium from Cambodia bought OTC. I did the first session natural and it was tough..............