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  1. Yes. Artist says allergic reaction to something in the ink. Dermatologist agrees. - - - Updated - - - Coconut oil is no miracle of any kind. Its a moisturizer, anti bacterial, non pore clogger.
  2. First one I used glyrecin (neutral) soap and Dermaglos A&D. Now i replaced the dermaglos for Coconut Oil which was recommended to me by several artists.
  3. Thanks. Cant beleive this crap. Well, it happens. Will keep on researching. People, do not get a tattoo without a color test.
  4. My first tattoo took 4 weeks to heal, and looks great. If you took good care of it and its not infected, there is nothing to worry about i think.
  5. Its strange because it doesn't itch or hurt and there is nothing going on outside the tattoo. Thanks for the comments. I will keep searching for the answer, although I have scoured over the Internet and haven't found anything similar.
  6. Welcome, are those your designs? Or customer's?
  7. Wish I could have though about doing a timelapse of the tattoo. Great idea! Will do so on the next one.
  8. Hello people. This is my second tattoo. You can see both of them at the last picture which is when the second tattoo was finished. Unfortunately, the first pics are of the tattoo 6-7 days later, from which it looks like I got an allergic reaction. I have been trying to search over the internet for related images but wasnt able to find something similar. It says a lot about reactions to red ink, which obviously its almost the whole flower, but i cant find images portraying the same issue. Does anyone know what it is? It doesnt itch, it is not swollen, it is not red around it, it does no
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