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    I paint flash and spend way to much money collecting tattoo history and flash books !
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    New Jersey, USA
  1. A few dragons I've painted. Dragons have been my new obsession lately and I definitely enjoy painting dragons and eagles more than anything !
  2. @canarycoal ehh I'm getting there one arm is just about done with that hand done tol, the other arm has a few on it and I have some on my legs too. I just have one more appointment for an arm tattoo and then ill be starting my chest/stomach. And I'd like to be pretty much completely covered one day.
  3. @gougetheeyes yep that's it ! Thanks
  4. I love books so much and have a nice growing collection, I'll post a picture of it tomorrow ! I also have some books I'd like to sell so I can make money for new books haha I have the "Milton Zeis tattooing as you like it" book, the paul rogers book from tattoo archive, the Mike Adams book, the book called 1949 which is a book filled with vintage flash from dana brunson collection, and I might be willing to sell my Daniel Higgs the doomsday bonnet but I'm still deciding haha I might have some more to sell too I just have to go threw them again ! If anyone's interested email me at
  5. My IG name is @madman_withabox And yeah I'm sure I'll end up just running into it one day haha They also just reprinted the sailor jerry books so maybe they'll reprint this one some day !
  6. @daveborjes yeah I just made one of these and I'm stiff figuring out how to use it so I didn't even notice the date haha but yeah I've noticed:/ I collect books and have been trying to get my hands on this one for a while but haven't had any luck ! Thanks though ! And I follow you on instagram, your paintings rule !
  7. Most of my tattoos were done by Richard Smith who worked at NY Adorned and Thicker than water, I know he just changed shops but I forget his new shops name ! I paint though and all the paintings on my page were done by me !
  8. I am also looking for the red Ed hardy tattoo flash book, I didn't see it but is there any chance you have it ?
  9. I've been reading post on here for a while now and I thought it was time to make my own !
  10. Nicklombardi

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    @madman_withabox I have prints ! Email me at if you'd like one
  11. Nicklombardi

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    @madman_withabox I have prints ! Email me at if you'd like one
  12. Nicklombardi

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    @madman_withabox I have prints ! Email me at if you'd like one
  13. Nicklombardi

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    @madman_withabox I have prints ! Email me at if you'd like one
  14. Nicklombardi

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    @madman_withabox I have prints ! Email me at if you'd like one