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    5 year guy. Black t-shirt generation. Husband. Flash painter.
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    Boney Joe's Zelienople, Pennsylvania
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  1. tatsthompson

    Joe T into.

    Shit, they let YOu on here Jamie? hahaha
  2. Josh mason's portraits are pretty rad. He's only about an 1.5 hour from me, Not sure why I haven't gotten tattooed by him yet!
  3. tatsthompson

    "Modern Artists Tattoos"

    I have a rat fink tattoo from a pinstriper buddy of mine. He doesn't tattoo, but I think it's way cooler than this crap.
  4. tatsthompson

    First tattoo

    jon Glessner did my first day a few days after I turned 18. It's one of his early ones, but I was still pretty lucky to get a really nice tattoo straight off, but that didn't stop me from getting crap later on! hahahah
  5. tatsthompson

    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    So far my worst has been my sternum. Shit was awful! Done by Jr Tubbs in Ashtabula Ohio. Don't mind the man boobs....
  6. tatsthompson

    Joe T into.

    Hello there. I joined this forum earlier this year and completely forgot about it. Looks like it got a whole lot busier! I'm Joe Thompson I tattoo in a an Old biker shop in western pennsylvania. I like to do traditional tattoos, but am pretty much up for anything that my customers want. I don't do celtic or barcodes. Looking forward to participating here, and if you'd like to know anything else feel free to contact me!!! Thanks!!! imaketattoos.com imaketattoos@gmail.com Joe T
  7. tatsthompson

    Questionable Forehead Tattoos

    I'm even weary of tattooers with forehead tattoos....there is some sort of mental health thing happening there...