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  1. Hello everyone, My name's Edwin and I'm from Singapore. I came across this forum while looking for help for my new tattoo. Story here is : I just got my second tattoo done yesterday and i realize after the session that the blade was not symmetrical.. In fact, it was crooked!!!! I thought it was because of the way i position my arm but apparently it is not. It looks slanted at every possible angle. This is the first session for this piece, so only the outline is done. I'm going back in a month's time to do the shading and coloring. Is there any possible way to fix this? Both my tattoos were done by the same artist whom I have very high respect for. I think it was the way i positioned my arm when he was preparing for the procedure. I would love to hear from the veterans here or artists on how I can fix this. This is stressing me out so much![/img