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  1. Am I the only one that doesn't think this is that bad? I wanna preface this by saying that I also don't have kids. When I was a kid, I got a couple shitty tattoos (including a couple by myself), I think that's just how teenagers are. I think many of us have been there before. If anything, it weirds me out when people ONLY have nice, clean looking tattoos and no shitty ones. People doing a bunch of research from the beginning and planning out their tattoos is just so much different than how I went about it. The biggest thing to worry about is transmission of diseases, so that's an important point. But at least the shop isn't a scratcher's kitchen and looks professional (although lower quality of tattoos). Also, I honestly don't think that tattoo is that bad.
  2. @exume I just gave him a couple ideas - a skull, some smoke, and a pagoda. Have you gotten something from him before? I was in Ann Arbor for college, but didn't get anything by him during that time.
  3. Getting something by Jeff Zuck in a week. Really excited.
  4. You sound really insecure about something that hasn't even happened yet. Jesus Christ.
  5. Very gutsy, I respect it. Like others said though, it might hurt a little in the future. Related question- I thought most shops don't tattoo hands/neck/face on people who aren't decently covered?
  6. Well shit. I just realized by March, I'll have 6 hands holding things, and 3 things with blood drops. 2 daggers so far, but I want some more really trippy looking ones
  7. That looks great! I hope to get something by Austin some day
  8. blackdots

    Hi LST

    that duck rules :cool:
  9. Very cool thread. Be sure to show us what you end up getting!
  10. Right after tattoo, I go eat a salad. I kinda change my diet for the next 3 days to eat a lot of fruits, raw veggies (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, spinach), and protein (eggs, yogurt, nuts, fish, chicken), while drinking a ton of water. I try to cut out sodium and oil as much as possible too, and I try to avoid drinking and smoking for about 3 days too. I'm not sure if it actually helps, but would like to think so! In terms of aftercare, I leave the bandage on for at least 5 hours and wash. Aquaphor for 2-3 days, and then Aveeno.
  11. No, there's not gonna be "growing up" here. It's late, and I'm tired, but I'll bite. Sit down and listen up, kid. That word has been used since WWII to put down Japanese people within the US, but only just symbolizes the ongoing discrimination and illegitimation of Asians within the US, a country where discrimination against my race is seen as more permissible than most other minority groups. Being called a jap along with other racial slurs, being treated differently and getting into fights over my race, that's not something that I'll ever grow up from. It's not like I went hard at you, I asked politely if you could not use that word. I thought that you may not have been aware that it's an offensive term to use since you're not from the US, so I wanted to make you aware. Learn to keep your mouth shut and be respectful, especially when someone asks you to.
  12. I think English may not be your first language, but could you stop saying 'jap dragon?' Jap is a racially derogatory term - and probably because I'm Asian, but that term skeevs me the fuck out, and might make others uncomfortable too.
  13. Yeah I feel you. I'm happy with how it looks on my arm, and I'm not gonna touch it up any time soon. I'm actually thinking about getting more punk tattoos haha. I want to get the Void crosses somewhere, maybe my foot.
  14. I'm not sure how everybody else started, but I didn't do much research into getting my first tattoo, as I was a 19 year old kid and just wanted something. I got the black flag bars, but the black was poorly saturated and the lines were a little shaky. After that, I got some stick and pokes and some more mediocre tattoos. One day, I walked into Name Brand Tattoo in Ann Arbor because I thought that they would have a Friday the 13th special. They didn't have the special, but I decided I wanted to get something anyways. I ended up setting up an appointment with Cole Dunn, and I had never made an appointment for a tattoo before, so I was pretty confused right there! The idea of a consultation also confused me, haha. I guess from there I saw that traditional style tattoos could look pretty nice, as I always had the impression that they were formulaic and lame with no meaning. I'll never cover my early tattoos though! How did you all get educated about tattoos and different styles?
  15. I'm not very familiar with watercolor tattoos, but the colors look kinda muddy, and there's some shaky lines. Maybe look into a different artist if you're not happy with how it looks, and your new artist can clean it up a little? It also sounds like you're trying to incorporate a lot of different things. Keep it simple! Good luck!
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