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  1. " Performance Tattoos in Fayetteville, North Carolina was caught in the line of tornadoes that ripped through the state on Saturday, April 16th. The link above is to a video showing the devastation. This is a good, clean shop putting out high quality work in a military town that doesn't have many shops with a good work ethic and true art. I live about an hour from there in Raleigh and we are going to be trying to put together a fund raiser for them soon. However, I know how tight the tattoo community is and how easily this could happen anywhere, so I figured if anyone beyond the state could or would help, that would be awesome. All of their disposables have been contaminated, the whole place is a wreck. Please stop by their facebook page Performance Tattoo | Facebook Thanks everyone. ~Robin
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    The first shop I worked at was huge with 10 artists, it was 90% flash. A little black girl came in on her 18th birthday wanting her name as a tramp stamp huge across her hips. The artist and her go through fonts, print it out, run the stencil. The artist okays it with her through every step to make sure everything as right. She gets her name done, pays, walks out happy as a clam. An hour later she rolls up with her two irate large brothers, and she's crying her head off. The brothers are pissed demanding to talk to the artist. None of us can figure out what the problem is until she pulls up her shirt and shows the tattoo. Her name was Whitney. They left out the N. Yeah. So then the artist was stuck doing a HUGE cover-up, giant purple roses covering the entire bottom half of her back. Suddenly the $80 tattoo that took half an hour to finish is a 3 hour cover-up for free on a Friday night.