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  1. Hey guys from Rick from Toronto, been lurking for a while and decided to make an account, i have both the tops of my feet done and a half sleeve ill put pictures up when im alowed to lol this is my question I saw a framed flash print from a tattoo shop that is no longer in business here, dated 2006, with a la looking sailor jerrys hawk with a blue human's face clutching a heart with the scrolled text and the other tattoo beside it was a dagger through a heart with some text, i know the artists signature had 4 characters in it ARON or something and the text in the scrolls was like what you would expect like "STAB HERE" or something Anyways i was wondering how you guys would go about it to start the journey to find this peice of flash art? Is there a database anywhere you can type in like famous artists by name, date