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  1. I had surgery more than one year ago on my shoulder, the surgeon removed a bone spur and I'm looking for a suggestion as to what tattoo should I get to cover the nasty scar that now i have. Thank you for your help! I only have one tattoo on my back. In the pictures you can see the back tattoo and the scar on the top of my shoulder. I wish i could do a full sleeve but that would create a potential problem with my accounting job. So maybe something just big enough to be covered by a short sleeve shirt? Thank you for your help!
  2. So I went to retouch my tattoo in two sessions on Saturday, January 10, and Thursday, January 15. Really painful as this time I knew what kind of pain I was getting into... well now it's healing. The tattoo artist wanted to get the black ink solid. It seems like he nailed it, but I still have to take off the saniderm yet. Now he is talking about adding roses around the figure of the panther. Do you think that would look good? He said it would be really cool to finish the whole back. Would you add roses around it or something else? Let me know your opinion! Ciao! - - - Updated - - - This is the picture of the re-touched tattoo, when only the first half was retouched. I will post a picture of the fully-retouched tattoo when I will take off the saniderm in a couple of days.
  3. Thank you so much! I just did it because it had to be done! lol I decided I'm going to wear the saniderm for 5 days. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow for a 4 hour session and I want to have the bandage on my back when I will be sitting on the dentist chair! So I will probably take it off tomorrow after the dentist and that will make it 5 days of wearing the second bandage with saniderm (the first bandage was the one I wore for 1 day right after getting the tattoo).
  4. It started to itch like crazy since yesterday! I do not scratch it and just live with it, however it's a lot of work to resist temptation! I think I am going to take off the saniderm either tonight or tomorrow in the afternoon. Then I will start applying the aftercare lotion that was given to me by the tattoo artist. I also bought this to apply the lotion on my back:Amazon.com: SunBuddy - Lotion Applicator: Health & Personal Care How long do you estimate this itchy feeling is going to last for such a large area of my back? :(
  5. I plan to have a leg of the panther coming out of my butt cheek and a little more detailed around the wound where it comes out from.
  6. My tattoo artist actually said this would have been a 20 hour work piece. He is famous here for being very quick on his work, and that's actually also why I chose him! Although unfortunately the price is not that much smaller than what other people charged! lol
  7. Josh Hall "Gentlemen Tattooers" in Dallas did it. I planned to have this tattoo for at least 3 years, but I only wanted to have it once I graduated, got a job, bought a home, and essentially became independent! I am also a cat person and the panther tattoos meaning is freedom from oppression... well, I decided it was finally time to have mine done! It took 6 hours and I had to hold tight to the chair all that time! The lower back was awfully painful! I am planning to complete the bottom of the drawing, but now I am scared of the pain! ahah!
  8. Hi! I got my first tattoo and it was the most excruciating pain ever! I think kidney stones feel better than the tattooo I had! Anyway, I am using Saniderm to heal this big boy and I am at my 4th day! I can't wait to take the Saniderm off... well actually I can't wait for it to stop being sore most of all! I want to go back to the gym soon! Take care!
  9. I got a new full back tattoo and it is still sore, I would never lay my back on any bench, both vertical or horizontal, until it is healed because (1) it is painful (2) I can already feel it will probably break the wounds back open. So, I had my tattoo on November 15, and I don't plan on coming back to the gym until after Thanksgiving.
  10. Hi! I got my tattoo last Saturday, November 15, and my artist used Saniderm on it (This is my very first tattoo of my life, I decided to go big or go home lol). I still have not been able to take a picture of my back with Saniderm because I just have a hard time twisting my back (It's painful!) but I will try to take a picture of the tattoo covered with Saniderm tonight using a mirror. The picture I posted is from 10 minutes after the tattoo was completed. So he applied Saniderm 15 minutes after completing the tattoo. This started leaking ink and blood everywhere and I had to use two layers of clothing to prevent it from messing up my bed that night. Then the day after I went back to the tattoo shop to take it out, get cleaned, and replace it with another new Saniderm cover. This time there have been no leaks so far. Today is the 4th day of my tattoo and my Saniderm is still sticking. Here is my question: 1) Can I leave it on for as long as I can? I was thinking of even keeping it on until next Satuday (That would make 6 days of covering) 2) Do you use any cream on top of the film or do you just leave it on and do nothing? 3) I was given a couple of sanitizing/moisturizing cream jars by my artist. I guess I will have to start using them after I take my tattoo off. How often would you use it in a day? 4) Also, how long will it take to stop feeling tender? I can't wait to go back to the gym! Thank you for your help!
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