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  1. I have 4 panthers, 6 cats and 2 portraits. Planning to get some more.
  2. Actually, she is doing it on vitiligo patches too. You can see some pictures on her website:Basma Hameed Clinic - Services
  3. I never stopped wearing a bra when I got my back tattooed. I wear a sports bra at work and it hasn't been a problem. I think it follows my movements instead of rubbing. But I have mini boobs so maybe it's easier for me to deal with?
  4. MissMetal

    Nikola Tesla

    Portrait by Anam Qureshi
  5. MissMetal

    Steven Wilson

    Portrait by Anam Qureshi
  6. Tattoo by Anam Qureshi Healed picture
  7. I've got some work in progress by Badj at Black Eyes Tattoo. Some pictures that were taken after my last session. Thought dinosaurs would be a fun addition to my collection.
  8. He's doing amazing work, I think it's definitely worth the trip.
  9. Got tattooed by Martin Lacroix, Olivier Julliand, Anam Qureshi and Badj.
  10. I like to get tattooed by different artists but I usually get more than one tattoo by each of them. There's so many talented people in my city, I can't stick with only one of them, plus I like a couple styles of tattoos so I wouldn't get them done by the same artist.
  11. Hello all, I'm a 27 years old tattoo enthusiast from Montreal. I took a look arond the site and thought I'd join, it would be nice to exchange with people who have such good taste in tattoos! My favorite styles are realistic and cartoon and I wear both. I've got 60+ hours of work so far, including a back piece, all by Montreal artists. I'm looking for full body coverage. Aside from that, I'm an electrician, I really enjoy going to gigs and playing video games. Also, english is my second language. Although I understand it almost perfectly, my wording might sound a bit odd from time to time. But I'm always happy to learn, so I don't mind being corrected.
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