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  1. To echo what has been already been said, get a tattoo that you want to get. It does not matter if it has any meaning or not. Some of mine have hidden meanings, others don't. And get a tattoo, what you want to get, any tattoo can have any hidden meaning behind it, if you so wish. A frog holding an umbrella can be just that, or have a hidden meaning to represent your mental health. Do you understand my point? 🙂 (our points?) The point is @Ashweenee pick your tattooist first, see what their work is like. If they can "pull off" (so to speak), the style you are after, as others have said, that imho, is the most important. It does not matter what others think of your tattoos, it is your body, your skin. It is what you think of the tattoos, on your body, your skin, that matters. If any of us cared what others thought of tattoos, none of us, who are tattooed, would be! lol Take your time, enjoy the process of deciding what you want tattooed. There is no rush. Hope that made sense, it's getting late here.
  2. Finally got around to taking a healed pic of above tattoo. Better late than never eh? lol
  3. So I have a big-ish space on back of left leg, behind the knee & that thigh. Thinking of getting another Diablo tattoo, or at least a Diablo tattoo, with maybe a few tweaks. Still lots to think about, I do like this stage and when space is at a "premium", it is all the more important to take the time. Or as some of my friends state-side say, "you're running low on real estate on your legs!" lol
  4. I don't know what hustle butter is, but I presume it is some kind of aftercare cream? I think I might said this before, I use bepanthen nappy cream on my tattoos. Just a thin layer, after that first wash, and after every wash until I see it doesn't need as much. Then pretty much dry heal, or a thin layer of it on tattoo when it needs it. I agree, just relax, let the tattoo does its thing. Enjoy it and relax. Every tattoo is different, even on your own body. <shrugs> Just my 2d.
  5. I agree about how they lighten, especially the black/grey tattoos. Don't forget @Baldguy95 this is your first tattoo, you're still learning how tattoos lighten, when they heal. How you will feel after they lighten. It happens it's part of the healing process. Don't stress over it, you will learn from this 🙂 If you get more tattoos, you will be less stressful over it all. The first step to getting tattooed can be a mixture of emotions, especially when the tattoo has such a significant meaning as yours. Just take your time to process everything, if that makes sense.
  6. That is a beautiful tattoo. Because it is so personal to you, I would suggest go with your first instinct, your gut. Don't second guess yourself. Your instinct will keep you right. If you are still unsure, speak to your tattooist about it, they will be able to guide you.
  7. Thanks, yeah it's important for me to take my time, I have two valid spaces for tattoos, the rest of space on my legs, will be for space fillers. I am running out of space, so in a way I suppose I want to take my time that bit more, if that makes sense? Enjoy this process of looking at ideas, and looking at potential tattooists. No rush, better to take time and get it right. I don't want to mess up the look of my legs, for the sake of rushing.
  8. I am confused by saying you're not really sure what you're meant to do. Why didn't you follow the aftercare given by your tattooist? That pretty much sums it up, and sets you on the way for how you will possibly look after your future tattoos. But yeah, I agree sounds like you're putting too much cream on it, or whatever it is that you use for your aftercare treatment. I know everyone has their own ways of tattoo aftercare, but if you follow the tattooist's aftercare, then you'll be fine. Don't go rogue.
  9. Yeah that is true. Have calmed down a lot now. And it wasn't anyone important, so not even going to bother waste by time about them. It did help to rant though.
  10. Okay, so this is a bit of a rant. As most of you know, I have got a lot of tattoos. It's not uncommon for people who have none, to ask for me advice about getting tattooed. This, I don't mind, because I'd rather they ask than go and get something they're not happy with. This person in particular asked me a ton of questions, which I politely answered. I am by no means an expert, don't claim to be, but told them basic stuff, like make sure where they go to are reputable, registered, and so on. Told them to think about the design they want and placement. Told them all about the etiquette of going into a tattooists, how to behave there, and so on. Told them at the consultation, to listen to the tattooist who is going to tattoo them, because they will know best. They showed me a design, on their phone. Told them a design would need to be on paper, they asked why. I explained. Basically I answered all their questions, did my best to help them out. Anyway, they went to see a tattooist for a consultation, afterwards, they told me, they told the tattooist they'd have to sort out time off work to get tattooed, but they'd be in touch with them later in the week. Then what did they do? They got tattooed by a scratcher! And now apparently it's my fault. I don't even have the words, why do people do this? Sorry if this is in the wrong section, just.... gah! You know?
  11. Earlier today, did a few more sketches. After a few attempts, I think I have got one that is near to what I have in my head. So am happy about that. Also took time to look at other tattooists in Belfast and a bit further afield. Not only for what I have in mind, but for potential gap filler ideas for legs. Still don't know where I am going to get the sketched tattoo done, but that's a minor detail.
  12. After I went offline last night, I sketched a rough idea, this morning, am like "nah! That's rubbish" Well not exactly rubbish, just not what I am looking for. But it did give me a good starting point, so I am going to re-sketch it, with a few changes. @SimongThis is not the first time I've gone down this route for getting tattooed, am sure it won't be the last. I know I will get there. There is no rush to getting tattooed anyway.
  13. If you are not happy with it, get it touched up, but agree with what has been said. Make sure the tattooist is good, so it doesn't mess it up. Is it possible to go back to the one who did it, in the first place? If that is an option, maybe you could go with that?
  14. Yeah, that's true. I think I might sketch out some ideas, I have found out that even my crappy rough sketches, can help me focus on what direction to go for tattoos. Thanks @Simong in a way, you have helped 🙂
  15. It's been early 2019, since was last tattooed. Then Covid happened and all that followed. Between it and personal things going on, I have not been able to get tattooed since then. But lately, I have been thinking about getting tattooed again. I have some vague ideas, but have spent the past few days, looking on instagram at tattoos, for inspiration, to give me a more solid idea. I've also been looking at tattooists, not just in Northern Ireland, but also in the South of Ireland. I am not yet sure what my next tattoo(s), will be, or who will tattoo them, but I have space on my body for new work, also could get some space fillers done, so that is not a problem. Though I am starting to form more solid tattoo ideas, which is good. Stupid life getting in the way of getting tattooed! 😂 One of the ideas, I have is a broken chain being held together by a hand, but not sure, still very much in the "idea forming" stage.
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