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  1. Redness in new tattoo

    It's still healing and yeah that has happened to me. It looks like under skin bruising, wait for it to fully heal before worrying.
  2. @Dan I did share pics of it when it was fresh :p
  3. Knee update: It is now fully healed :) But still heavy bruising, so going to wait for that to go away before I take healed pics.
  4. @Alicia I am in Northern Ireland. I just use Bepanthen from moment I take off the cling film until it is healed. It works well for me, so I stick with it.
  5. @Alicia Thanks and so am I, it's not not something I have heard of, until I saw it on this forum. Was just curious <shrugs> :) I haven't even heard of Hustle Butter either before this forum.
  6. What's the "correct" way to do things

    As as already been said, just work with your tattooist. Talk to them about filler/merge work, it is best if you're both on the same page, so to speak :) And enjoy your tattoo journey :)
  7. @Padji I would highly recommend my tattooist, Tommygunn from Belfast City Skinworks, or pretty much anyone there. They all do amazing work. And I also look forward to seeing your pics :)
  8. @PinkUnicorn I had to look up aquaphor, as it's not a product I am familiar with. It says it's a healing ointment, which is fair enough, but that is not what I asked. Never mind, it doesn't matter, I was just curious. My knee is now into the 3rd week of healing, as of today. Which to be fair, I was expecting. It actually didn't experience much "oh my feck, it itches so much" this time around. Maybe because it was on the knee? Or maybe it's because my body has got used to the after tattoo process? Either way, not complaining too :) I expect it to be another few days before it is fully healed. But it is on track :)
  9. Please note that the comment that follows is not meant to be disrespectful, I am just curious. Why would you use Aveeno on a new tattoo? Why would you put that on what is effectively an open wound? Is it a common practice is America? Because, I would not consider putting a moisturising lotion on a new tattoo, on a fresh, healing tattoo. To me, that is all sorts of wrong.
  10. Upcoming Tattoos

    Booked next appointment a few days ago :) Booked in for mid April, another all day session. Thinking of getting my other knee done, since the right one was no problem. And if have time get the gap between tattoos on left lower leg filled in. My right knee hasn't fully healed yet and I am really looking forward to this next session already :)
  11. Knee is now fine, after getting it done, hurt like a bastard though. Hurt when went to walk, or stand or sit on Monday evening, night and Tuesday morning. Around late Tuesday afternoon it started to ease. Yesterday was fine and today no problems. (Got it done on Monday the 8th of Jan) It's healing well, swelling has gone down from pics that I had taken, despite everyone telling me it will swell up. Mine didn't. I was worried about getting knee done because of what I had heard from others, including tattooists. But, for me, it's no bother at all. Looking forward to getting the other one done now. Edit: I will add that I put no ice on my knee at all. I don't put any ice on my tattoos.
  12. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    First, thanks for comments etc re my last tattoo. Sorry not been about, crazy busy. But got new tattoo today :) Done on my right knee by by Tommygunn, Belfast City Skinworks in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is linked to Duriel, The Lord of Pain from Diablo. I slept during most of it. Also pics showing merge with other tattoos and finally the reference pic.
  13. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Healed pic of tattoo got done earlier this month. Was quite impressed was able to get this pic by myself :) It's a Honda CB Twin Motorcycle, done in memory of biker friends who recently passed. It has healed so beautifully and I am beyond happy with it :) Done on my inner right thigh, by Tommygunn, Belfast City Skinworks in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  14. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    @pidjones thanks for your advice, but I am on anti-sickness medication all the time and I take an extra one before travelling. I was just trying to say more on the emphasis of staying over after a tattoo, than the travel sickness part of things. Especially since I get large tattoos, I find it is less of a shock on the system.
  15. Currently feel like am part Snake, shedding its black skin lol Scabby central here at the moment lol