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  1. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Healed pic of tattoo got done earlier this month. Was quite impressed was able to get this pic by myself :) It's a Honda CB Twin Motorcycle, done in memory of biker friends who recently passed. It has healed so beautifully and I am beyond happy with it :) Done on my inner right thigh, by Tommygunn, Belfast City Skinworks in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  2. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    @pidjones thanks for your advice, but I am on anti-sickness medication all the time and I take an extra one before travelling. I was just trying to say more on the emphasis of staying over after a tattoo, than the travel sickness part of things. Especially since I get large tattoos, I find it is less of a shock on the system.
  3. Currently feel like am part Snake, shedding its black skin lol Scabby central here at the moment lol
  4. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    All mine I travel for, my tattooist is an hour and a half away, the one I've been going to since 2014 and he's going to finish my body. I know that travel distance is nothing to some of you, but for someone who is prone to travel sickness, it is a lot. I always book a couple of days off either side, so if getting inked on a monday, travel on a saturday and travel back on a wednesday. By the time I am travelling back, the excess ink is all off and my body is more settled for travelling back home. The reasoning for me for resting before tattoo, is that body is rested after travelling, more relaxed, which makes for an easier tattoo session. I have got tattooed before on day of arrival and it was too much for my body. Learn what works for your body and go with it. But yes, have a rest time after your tattoo and yes travelling, no matter the distance, means longer time getting tattooed. But you can appreciate each piece you get done, before moving onto next piece, if getting continued work by them. It also builds up a relationship with your tattooist, which is important. Also listen to your tattooist and talk to them, communication is highly important. Whether you travel or no.
  5. The ladies thread

    Recently got my inner right thigh tattooed, wore my little black skater dress with short shorts underneath. What normally wear to get lower legs tattooed. And I'm so glad, I did! lol Some of the positions, I was in... let's just say, very un-lady like! lol But worth it. Def more comfy wearing that, but each to their own :)
  6. Tattoo is now at the skin tightening stage and goes from stages of being red around tattoo (if walked a lot), to not red. Can start to see it bruising a bit, but it's only slight. Goes from varying degrees of hurt, to not hurt lol Esp if go to sit down and go to stand up. But will be ok, no pain, no gain, or something like that lol
  7. Upcoming Tattoos

    Next all day tattoo session will see me getting the motorcycle finished, background and filler work/merge with other work. Planning on getting some more Diablo artwork tattooed as filler work. I am *so* looking forward to the next session already!
  8. Tips and help on my aftercare

    I know I have said this before, but just do what your tattooist says. Honestly that is the best advice, ask 8 different tattooed people how they look after their tattoos, you'll get 8 different answers!
  9. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Ah feck it, here have a fresh pic of my new tattoo. On 2nd October I got this tattooed. A Honda CB Twin Motorcycle, with Giger style touches. Tattooed in memory of biker friends who recently passed. Tattooed by Tommygunn at Belfast City Skinworks, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Fresh pic (taken 4 Oct 17)
  10. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Edited post: Removed image, cause not happy sharing it fresh. Will share when healed.
  11. Recently my mum has found out I am heavily tattooed, she was a lot cooler than thought. she doesn't want to see them or know what they are but she saw my hip twin Celtic dragon one, well part of it and said, "You're covered!" I replied, "Yeah, pretty much" she should shook her head wondering why her little girl would do such a thing to herself. No other family members know but <shrugs> Suppose, recently she's changed her mind about tattoos, which is a good thing.
  12. Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    I have got another horror short story accepted in an ezine publication xD
  13. Star Wars tattoos

    Healed pics of my Darth Vader tattoo, done back in August this year on my left calf. Also showing merge with tattoos either side of it. Done by Tommygunn in Belfast City Skinworks, Belfast.
  14. Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    I got a horror short story published in a collection by female horror writers. Not been around much, as have been concentrating a lot on my writing.
  15. Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    Finally got a jacket that I have been searching for ages. Going to do a counted cross stitch design to sew onto the back of it and sew complimentary fabric onto it. Not sure if will cover all of it or not. Will pin fabric to it when that time comes and decide then. I sew by hand, so it's a long term project. Also recently started writing chapter 2 of my novel in draft 2 stage. Slow progress, but it's coming along well.