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  1. @oboogie to clarify I said my tattoo was healed in the sense I stopped aftercare, after 2 weeks. It was in fact 2 and half weeks. I also said I was giving it time to "bed in". Now, I appreciate you may not be familiar with this phrase, so I will explain. "to bed in", means to give it time to settle in, to complete healing. And for the record, I am female :) It was easier for this knee healing wise, than my other knee. Which struck me as odd since it was my bad knee, but not complaining :) Yes it does take at least 4 weeks for a tattoo to fully heal, it takes 4 weeks for your body to heal/recover after a tattoo. Depending on what way you wish to word it. @Gingerninja how is your little froggie doing? :) @realsis looks good so far :)
  2. @oboogie It's healed in the sense that there are no more scabs. I know it isn't "fully, fully healed" It's not my first tattoo lol I would have figured that most here would know what I mean. And thanks
  3. purplelace


    You've said it's a work in progress, that takes time and as others have said patience.
  4. Tattoo is now fully healed :) Took a bit over the 2 weeks, which I thought it would. Going to let it "bed in" before take healed pics. I am beyond happy with it.
  5. Tattoo on bad knee update: It's not too scabby at the moment and is healing normally. I am keeping it raised as much as possible to aid the healing process. I am keeping an extra eye on it because it is my bad knee. But all in all, the healing is going well.
  6. It looks fine to me, normal healing. As others have said, it can take months for tattoos to "bed in" so to speak. Don't worry about it. It looks good.
  7. No problem @Carmelita it's a big adjustment to your body. More so than a piercing or different hairstyle. I don't have that have feeling anymore with my tattoos. That feeling will pass, should you decide to get more.
  8. @Carmelita Yeah with my first big piece, that was many years ago now. Now for me, big pieces are kinda the norm. It takes 4 weeks for your body to heal after a tattoo, especially after a big piece. It can take that time for your mind to adjust to the change with your body. Sometimes longer. Don't be in a rush to judge your decision. Give it time.
  9. I take it this is your first big piece? The mind can go weird with the first big piece lol
  10. @Gingerninja I'll be planning on getting backs of my knees tattooed, after I get the backs of thighs done. Will no doubt let you all know how I fair lol
  11. Healed pic of tattoo got done on my right knee in January earlier this year. Artwork linked to Duriel, the Lord of Pain from Diablo. Tattooed by Tommygunn, in Belfast City Skinworks, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  12. Got this done on 17th April. It is Cydaea, the Maiden of Lust from Diablo tattooed on my left knee. Tattooed by Tommygunn in Belfast City Skinworks in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I pretty much slept through it all. Fresh pic, taken by tattooist.
  13. I think it looks good and ties in well with the rest of your work.
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